Sunday, June 1, 2008

Round 3 - Lancaster House 3

William Lancaster (Family - Education Minster) and is fiance Jaela Glissade (Knowledge - Chief of Staff) moved back to Finality Springs after college and bought themselves a little house. William quickly found a job in Education and in no time was an Education Minister like his twin brother.
Jaela had other concerns. Amongst them learning everything about everything. She accomplished that in record time.

She then took a job in the education field and became an Education Minister as well.
Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance around looking like a crazy person.
For financial reasons William and Jaela gave up the education life. They instead went into the natural science field. In no time they were both Ecological Gurus.

They did many home improvements this summer with the cash they earned. They started a lovely garden and then earned a wishing well. After all they couldn't let Brendon and Iris have something that they didn't have.

To celebrate their successful summer, William Lancaster married Jaela Glissade in a very private ceremony.

As summer came to an end, Jaela realized that there would soon be another little Lancaster running about Finality Springs.

Lancaster House 3

William Lancaster - Family - permanent platinum - working as Ecological Guru

Jaela Glissade Lancaster - Knowledge - Chief of Staff - working as a medical researcher

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