Sunday, June 29, 2008

Round 4 - University 1

Ahhh, university play. Such fun. Such excitement. Way to much fun for anything other than a summarization.
Danton Holiday brought his high school sweetheart Pania to college with him. Danton is a romance sim who longs to be a celebrity chef. Pania is a romance sim who wants to be a hall of famer. Danton studied art while Pania studied drama. Right before graduation, Danton asked the lovely Pania to be his wife. Neither really want marriage but they'll get over it.
His brother Jazz Holiday brought his high school love Krickett to college with him. Jazz is a pleasure sim who wants to be a professional party guest. Krickett is a romance sim who I think wants to be a Rock God. Before graduation Jazz proposed marriage and Krickett accepted. Scariest thing about these two Holiday couples is that each brother has three bolts with both their own and their brother's fiance. And with three out of four being romance sims, things could get rather complicated in the future.

Mars Roswell came to college alone. He found love with Stella Terrano. One bolt love. They fell in love on their own but I refused to move her in and play her through college so after graduation they parted ways. I've promised his father that he will get grandkids from Mars so I'm sure marriage with someone will happen eventually. Mars was a fortune sim who wanted 5 top businesses. I rerolled him his sophomore year and now he's a popularity sim....who wants 5 top level businesses. Yes, my forehead was a bit bloody there for a little while. Had I known this would happen, I'd have left him a fortune sim. It much better suited him.

Ariana Rosada and Adrian Lancaster both came to college alone. While I wasn't there to control them, they fell in love with each other. They managed to have two bolts post make over so I told them they could stay together if they really wanted to. Ariana is a knowledge sim who wants to be a criminal mastermind. She maxed her skills in college while getting her degree in math. Adrian is a romance sim who wants to be a hall of famer. He studied drama. He checked out every woman in sight but he was good for the most part. These two graduated and headed home to play house. No engagement yet but I would think they will get married eventually.

Danielle Rosada was a popularity sim who wanted 5 top level businesses. She went to college alone and in her sophomore year I rerolled her. She is now a pleasure sim who wants 50 1st dates. Her Junior year she moved out of the greek house and got to it.
She managed to get all 50 first dates in before her Senior year. Then, out of boredom, she started working on 50 dream dates. As you can see, she has left all her morality back at the sophomore counseling session. She's dated and had woohoo with several of her best friends men.
Of course the men are generally romance or pleasure sims and they just don't care. Dani graduated college with 41 dream dates under her belt. She stayed single and moved back in with her sister Amethyst. Her current want is to fall in love with Dakota Holiday who the gypsy brought to her as a blind date despite the fact he was on the verge of marrying someone else. Bad gypsy.
Before installing Free Time, Bryan had just grown up in a college dorm and hadn't been played in college at all. Bryan is a fortune sim who wants to be chief of staff. But something happened to poor Bryan after I installed Free Time.

Bryan was suddenly a blood sucking vampire. He had no memory of being bitten and becoming a vampire. Never the less, Bryan was a night walker. I left him that way for a while. It added the challenge of daytime classes and the blah blahs was just a hoot. After a bit the novelty wore off and Bryan found himself a cure.

When I sent Bryan to school I had such plans for him. He didn't listen to no one thing I said. All on his own he fell in love with Bridgit Rosada. Since he was so down and out following his fang removal, I let him get his first kiss with Bridgit. Could have sworn he had already been making out in high school with Venice Holiday but as already proven, Bryan was a little glitchy post FT. Now Bridget is a knowledge sim and just not at all right for Bryan so I made them separate and study in different rooms. No roaming for these two.

Instead Bridgit maxed all her skills and then set out to see if a greek house could get a wishing well. Turns out you can. It does help to have a pond underneath your foundation. Also good for those gold badges.
With the wishing well, Bridgit wished for love. She got a down townie. Not what I wanted but they have three bolts for each other. I do try to let my simmies keep their true loves.
So right before gradation, Bridgit Rosada asked her boy friend to marry her. I don't actually remember the guys first name but his last name is Palmer and they will be starting a new house together after college.
With FT installed, I used my greek house for experimentation purposes. Everyone got to work learning how to sew and make pottery. Right before Mars graduated, everyone handed off their hand made creations to our future business owner. Business number one will be a wonderful arts and crafts store. Mars graduated and headed home. He's taking over his parents house.
Finally, Bryan gets his act together. He remembers that he was suppose to marry Venice. He purposes. She accepts. Two happy fortune sims off to take on the medical world.
Just threw this one in because I thought Venice looked really good post makeover. No idea why I waited so long to change her hair but I did. Of course in that dress one can't help but think she should have been a romance sim.

Finally, Dakota Monterey headed to college with her boy friend Nate Daymer. Both are popularity sims with career based life time wants. Right before graduation Nate popped the question. Dakota said yes. Somehow I think she may be having some doubts though. No idea why. They have three bolts. They aren't romance sims. They don't have any secondary aspirations. So go figure.

And that brings us to the end of another painful university round.

13 sims. All with 4.0 grades. All in the secret society. All are big men on campus. All are out of here.

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