Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 6 - University

Well it's time to start another round and before we do I wanted to mention a few things. At some points, probably about three houses ago, I downloaded some default skins and eyes. So don't be surprised if some of the sims look a little different. It won't make that much difference because so many of these simmies have custom skins and eyes already but it is noticeable. that's all I got. So, let's start round six.

As always, I start my rounds at university. As always I play only the greek house. I toss everyone in a dorm but never play them there. I just work them over to the greek house.

This time through we have ten lovely participants. They are Roman Holiday (popularity - the law) and his high school girlfriend townie Aroha TeWaiata (popularity - rock god). Ria Burton (popularity - 20 best friends) and her boyfriend townie Michael Profit (popularity - celebrity chef). MacKenzie Evans (pleasure/knowledge - celebrity chef) and her boyfriend townie Kurtis Faststien (romance - media magnet). Abigail Yessam (knowledge - ballet dancer) and her townie boyfriend Colby Ashski (family - education minister). And Zorah Yessam (family - golden anniversary) and her townie boyfriend Ross Chandler (family - golden anniversary). Yes all those townies are why my population continues to skyrocket. I've just accepted it.

We quickly say goodbye to our placeholder. I have to say that after all these seasons little miss placeholder has made it to her senior year. Sometime in the next few seasons I will probably move her into the neighborhood. I don't know what the rules are about these things but I have to do something with her. Only playing the greek house means that she ages. It's just how it is. And after all this time I think she's earned a life. Eventually. She'll probably graduate round 8. Maybe.

Anyway, this is Ross Chandler and his girl Zorah Yessam. Two family sims marrying. Yes, it's scary.

But they're happy so I got them engaged. Not sure where I put them when they moved out. Might be sharing a house with Zorah's sister Abigail but I can't remember.

Roman Holiday wasted no time proposing to Aroha TeWaiata. They are heading back to Holiday 1 after graduation.

Here are Colby Ashski and Abigail Yessam. As I said I'm not if they wind up with Abigails sister but they definitely start a new house. Yeah, another one.

Oh, and they're engaged already. But of course.

This is Kurtis Faststien and MacKenzie Evans. They also head off to start a new house. I think they might share it with someone but I can't remember.

Here is Ria Burton becoming permanently platinum by getting her 20th best friend. Love that LTW. Wishing wells make things so much easier.

Ross spent some of his time writing a novel. I guess. I don't remember but one must assume.

You know I could kill you right? I just choose not to.

And here are the graduation exit photos. This is Colby Ashski 4.0 biology.

His beloved Abigail Yessam who keeps loosing her custom hair. 4.0 drama

Ross Chandler who lost his custom hair. 4.0 biology

And Zorah Yessam who lost hers. It was a theme this season. 4.0 biology

Kurtis Faststien keeping the cap even with his suit. 4.0 not sure major

MacKenzie Evans looking rather lovely and very Evanish. 4.0 not sure major

Roman Holiday with his kerchif. 4.0 Psychology

And his beloved Aroha TeWaiata. 4.0 literature

Ria Burton ready to fly the coop. 4.0 not sure what major

Michael Profit ready to go with her. 4.0 some major or the other

Did we forget anyone? I hope not. All graduates were big men on campus (or women) and members of the secret society (which at this point ain't that secret).

I know it was a boring update but it's uni. Uni is boring.

Next up...another turn through the tulips. Or something.

Round 5 - Lancaster 5

Here we are ready to finish up round 5. I said I'd get round 5 blogged before the end of March and look, I actually did.

Anyway, Bryan Lancaster (fortune - chief of staff) just got back from college. With him is his finance Venice Holiday (fortune - chief of staff). I took a couple more pictures this time so yeah me.

Oh Venice. You are so beautiful and I love you so much.

Oh Bryan. You are so sweet.

Venice, tonight I'll show you that I'm not always 'sweet'.
Oh Bryan.

After doing the nasty, the young couple get hitched.

Together forever.
Yes. Together forever.

Bryan and Venice both got a job in the medical field and in no time they were both Chiefs of Staff. Humm. I wonder how that works. Two different hospitals or they just share the position?
And then Venice realized she was with child. So she corn rolled her hair to keep it out of the way.

The pregnancy goes smoothly and soon it's time to deliver.
Don't worry madam, I shall catch the babe. All man servants are trained in child birthing and other home health care needs.
BRYAN! Don't let the butler touch me.
To late. The butler helped Venice deliver a healthy baby girl.
I know. I'll name her Vanetta.
Vanetta Lancaster. It's long but I like it.
Vanetta grew quickly. Ain't she just cute.

Vanetta Lancaster - generation two - aries - 9 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 6 nice

So, want to try for a boy?

Oh boy.

OH NO! There are a ton of Lancasters around. One of your nephews can carry on the house so just drop them thoughts right here.

Sims. Not much else happened this round. Bryan and Venice both topped the natural science field. That's when I discovered I had the bug that subtracted the bonus for becoming a guru from your cash instead of adding it. So it ticked me off and I just added it back with the family fund cheat. The huge bonus is half the reason you go into the natural science field anyway. Especially when you're a fortune sim. Unfortunately it's total wonked out Bryan and Venice's earning money memories and I have no idea how to fix that. I don't guess you can. So I'll probably never know when or if I earn 100k with these two unless I just wait until the household funds is greater than 200k.

So I guess that's it with this house and also finishes up round 5.

Since I'm lazy and don't want to do a separate post I'll do a quick points recap here.

ROUND 5 - 18 Houses
Total cash - 3,111,428 = 32 pts
Platinum graves - 4 = 4 pts
Sims in game - about 100 (4 of which are deceased)
Impossible wants 12 = 36 pts
Top influence at death = 2 pts
Top of career = 53 pts
28 college grads: all summa cum laude = 28 pts
all big men on campus = 28 pts
Gold badge pts = 30
Hobby plaques: 22 sims with one plaque = 22 pts & 5 sims with 5 or more plaques = 15 pts
One Shrink visit = -1 pt
One Social bunny visit = -1 pt
One CAS elder impossible want = 10 pts
Total so far = 331 points (or thereabouts)

Well thanks for reading another season. Next up, Round 6 - Winter.

Round 5 - Lancaster 4

So we are at another new house. This time it's house 17 which is another Lancaster house. Adrian Lancaster (Romance - Hall of Fame) just got home from college with his girl friend Ariana Rosada (Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind). Now I know what you're thinking. Romance and knowledge? That's what I thought two but Ariana was determined to have Adrian and I finally quit fighting her. So, let's join our marriage proposal already in progress.

Babe, let's get hitched.

You're not going to accept such an unromantic proposal are you?


Ok. (I guess we shouldn't tell her that Adrian has slept with her sister Danielle and left her pregnant should we? Na. We won't tell her. Let's let it be a surprise.)

I, Ariana Rosada promise to love you and honor you and only woohoo with you for as long as we both shall live.

Great babe. And, uh, I love you too.

Well you two didn't waist any time did you?

Well no. I wanted to wait a little while but Adrian is such a horn dog that risky was bound to get us eventually.

That's true. Oh so very true.

It's time. The baby. It's coming.

And that brings us to the end of another season.


It's a girl. I think I'll call her Allison.

Welcome to the neighborhood Allison. She got her mom's green skin so she's a cutie. I'm a sucker for green babies.

Adrian seems excited too.

I'm a dad. Woo!

Well that's all I got. Adrian topped show business. Ariana became a criminal mastermind and permanently platinum. And Ariana won a wishing well while on maternity leave. Man I really should have taken better notes. And I did in round six, which we are getting oh so close to. Just one more house to go.

Round 5 - Holiday 5

Another update this time from house 16 which is another new Holiday house. Ya'll are going to hate me for this one. This one is beyond short. I don't know what I was thinking the day I played this one which would have been Sept 21, 2008 btw.

So, Jazz Holiday (pleasure - professional party guest) just came back from college with his girl friend Kricket Cooprider (romance - rock god) and have established their own home.

Oh darling, you are so beautiful. And this voice inside my head keeps telling me that I should marry you as quickly as possible since you have three bolts with my brother Danton and I have three bolts with Danton's wife Pania.

So what do you say Kricket. Will you marry me?
Well I don't have the fear right now so YES! I'll marry you.

Not sure why this picture is here but I have so few that I left it in. Let's pretend that it means something important. Like maybe the couple just said I do. Yeah that sounds good.

Fast forward quite a bit. It looks like Kricket is in labor.

Well Duh! What gave it away.

Join us back here next time when we find out what happens next. I know. I told you that you wouldn't like it but I can't find ANY BABY PICTURES. sorry.

Also, according to what notes I have, Jazz topped two fields slacker and art and became permanently platinum and Kricket topped two fields slacker and music and became permanently platinum.

Until next time... please don't hate me.

Round 5 - Holiday 4

We are here at House 15 which is another Holiday house. This is a new house this round with two simmies fresh from their college years Danton Holiday (romance - celebrity chef) and fiance Pania Te Waiata (romance - hall of famer). Word of warning, this one will be short and sweet due to lack of pictures.

So I see you got married right away. Probably a good idea with two romance sims.

Guys? Umm, guy?

Smack. Smack. Slurp. Slurp.

Well I'll just leave you alone then.

Dang that was quick.

Risky got hold of us on our wedding night.

Yeah, that seems to happen a lot around here. Well congratulations.

Thanks I guess.

Baby time.

It's a girl. We'll name her Georgia.

Georgia Holiday it is. Andre will be so happy with all these grandbabies popping out.

Well this looks promising.

I was promoted to a celebrity chef.

Well great. I'm sure you'll enjoy doing that.

Heck no. I want to be a Rock God now.

Somehow I can see that suiting you too.

It seems it's already Georgia's birthday.

Georgia Holiday - generation two - Capricorn - 9 enat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 9 playful & 5 nice

And believe it or not that's all I've got. My notes say that Danton topped two careers (culinary and slacker) and Pania topped the education field. Hopefully I took more pictures in round six.

Round 5 - Holiday 3

We are back at house 14 with the Holiday's. This branch of the family is made up of Dakota Holiday (family/pleasure), his wife Rosario Vega Holiday (family/pleasure) and their infant daughter Alabama.

In round 4 the couple arrived home from college, married and established this new house. Rosario had a baby and then Dakota was abducted by aliens.

So Dakota, how are things?

Fine. Just fine.

So I take it Rosario has found out that you cheated on her with Danielle Rosada yet and that she gave birth to your twin daughters.

Ummm, no. And if you please wouldn't mention that I'd really appreciate it.

Ok. For now.

I see you haven't forgotten your abduction either.

No. I can't seem to forget it. And with me being nauseous and all. Well I know what that means. I do have a alien half brother after all.

Well at least you can distract yourself with Alabama's birthday.

Alabama Holiday - generation two - scorpio - 7 neat, 6 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful & 3 nice.

Alabama is such a happy little girl. Sing darling. Sing.
This townie is singing for another reason altogether. When this happened I didn't even know that the train sets could catch on fire so needless to say she was in a world of hurt before I caught on.

But luckily someone called the fire department. Wha? I can't be risking my simmies just to save some townie. At least not one that I'm not attached to.

And as you can see she survived. Now go away and stop trying to burn down our house.

Rosario, it's good that you can help Dakota through his pregnancy like this.
Of course. I love my Dakota SO MUCH. Nothing could ever make me stop loving him.
(I know something you don't know) Just keep reminding him. It will help him forget about that other incident at that other house with that other woman.
Nothing. Nothing.

Man you are getting BIG! That reminds me, you have super fertility don't you.
Yeah. Me and Rosario both have it.
Well, it's that time again where we all sit and wonder how does the baby get out of his belly?

It's a miracle. I have a daughter. I'll name her Tuscaloosa.
Ok. Tuscaloosa Holiday it is.

Hold her Rosario. I'm not feeling quit right.
There's another one. I had twins.
Doesn't it figure. Why do I give them the super fertility when my neighborhood is overcrowded?
It's a boy. I'll name him Auburn.
But of course. Can't have one without the other. I just hope they don't grow up to hate each other.
Well the house sure is busy now. Yes, twins will turn the calmest of households into chaos.

But they are just so darn cute.

Before you know it it's birthday time again and Alabama is spinning into a child. She inherited a lot of elfish features from her grandpa Andre but no ears. Drats.

What's this? It's that sneaky gypsy lady again.
Wha? You can't see me. I'm invisible.
Then how did I know you are here?

Just leave the lamp, make a lot of ruckus and exit stage left. Thanks and come again.

Birthday time again and Tuscaloosa becomes a toddler.
Tuscaloosa Holiday - generation two - scorpio - 10 neat, 3 outgoing, 10 active, 10 playful & 2 nice

The it's Auburn's turn.
Auburn Holiday - generation two - capricorn - 10 neat, 1 outgoing, 5 active, 9 playful & 10 nice
Nice points. WOOT!

Alabama rubbed the lamp and wished for peace of mind. This is before I realized how easy it made playing the simmies. I'm thinking now I may save the lamps for important things like pleasure sims. If anyone needs peace of mind it's them.

Double duty baby training. Glow baby glow.
And so we come to the end of yet another season. Join us back this winter when the little ones grow up even more.
The Holidays:
  • Dakota Holiday - generation one - wants a golden anniversary darn it
  • Rosario Vega Holiday - wants a golden anniversary too
  • Alabama Holiday - child
  • Auburn Holiday - toddler
  • Tuscaloosa Holiday - toddler