Saturday, February 28, 2009

Round 5 - Lancaster 2

House 11 - The Lancaster's

The Lancaster's are: Brendon Lancaster (popularity/fortune), his wife Iris Faststien Lancaster (popularity/knowledge) and their twin infant sons Irving and Ian.

Last time: Brendon & Iris married (finally), the honeymoon resulted in pregnancy and the twins were born.

Iris and Brendon are enjoying their twin sons. But as much as they love them, neither parent loves them enough to give up their jobs and stay home and raise them. Thus the nanny is hired.
Brendon fulfills his 2nd lifetime want and became a business tycoon. His 3rd ltw is to become head of the SCIA.
Crazy neighbor shot. Poor Beryl. You and Lucia are so made for each other. Moving on.
Iris heads off to work and without supervision the Nanny leaves the twins in the kitchen floor ALL DAY.

Because you see, Nanny doesn't have internet at home. She can't wait to check the sports scores. Nanny has a gambling problem and can't stop betting on football. She'll even bet on soccer. Poor lady needs help.

But the twins survived infancy and now they are cute little toddlers. I am almost positive that this is Ian Lancaster. Ian is a Virgo with 8 neat, 1 outgoing, 9 active, 2 playful & 7 nice.

Which would make this Irving Lancaster. Irving is a Leo with 9 neat, 10 outgoing, 2 active, 2 playful & 8 nice.

I'm starting to think that Aspen doesn't really like stealing papers. He really just wants to be a BLOG HOG. Go away Aspen. Don't you have a fiance you could be hanging out with?

Twins at play. Pretty much all of my silly rabbit toys have been replaced by block building tables. What? They can draw on them? Why would I want them to do that?

Iris reaches the top of her third career when she tops the entertainment field. I can't remember if she went off to find another career or if she just stayed in this one. After a while the job hopping gets boring too.

Brendon left the business field and went into the paranormal field. By the end of the season he was a cult leader. I know he didn't stop here. He switched over at some point into the spy field.

Time for birthdays. This would be Ian Lancaster. He got the skin and the eyes.

This is Irving Lancaster. He got the skin but not the eyes.

Do you see what I see? It's my FIRST genie lamp.

Oh Mr. Genie. I have so missed you. Now for my three wishes.

Mom and Dad didn't need anything so the twins go to use the wishes. Irving wished for peace of mind. So did his brother Ian. The third wish went unused this season. Jumping ahead a season: after I installed apartment life I went back into this lot and found that the genie lamp had reset itself. I had three more wishes. Booyeah!

So now I have two permanently platinum parents and two children with peace of mind. You don't realize how boring that can be until it happens. So the kids spend blocks of time studying and blocks of time running amuck. I never even look at their wants because they aren't going to get them. I'm so bad.

And that finishes the fall at the Lancaster house. I think I'm officially half way through blogging round 5. Yeah me.

The Lancaster's:

  • Brendon Lancaster - former Education Minister, former Captain Hero, former Business Tycoon, former Cult Leader, current Elite Operative
  • Iris Faststien Lancaster - former Visionary, former Media Magnet, current Prestidigitator
  • Ian Lancaster - with the red hair
  • Irving Lancaster - the blond

Round 5 - Monterey 3

House 10 - The Monterey's

The Monterey's: Joey Monterey (knowledge/popularity), his wife Jacquelyn Blair Monterey (knowledge/family) and their daughter Bassillia (toddler).

Last time: A pregnant Jacquelyn made a fortune while earning a wishing well, Jacquelyn was abducted by aliens while pregnant, Bassillia was born, Joey and Jackie both topped a career.
We are back at the Monterey house where Joey spends time teaching Bassilia all her toddler skills. Basillia is a true cutie and she has TEN nice points. Maybe I can stick her with one of our paper stealers and their kids might come out somewhat normal.

Ewww. How did this happen. Well I would tell you but I don't remember. I played this house in July and now it's February. It's nice that Joey's friendly neighbor Orion Roswell was nice enough to get those bugs for him. Now if he would just clean up the bug carcases and erase the bad bug memory that would be lovely.

I must have been bored because I think I had Jacquelyn and Joey have a signaling the aliens race. Obviously Joey won. What was I thinking? Did I need more alien babies? Oh well. Looks like I'll get one anyway.

He doesn't look happy does he. But he is a knowledge sim so he'll recover.

Jacqueline gave up her life of crime (she was a criminal mastermind) and instead when into the adventure field. Joey is working through the oceanography field. Lots of those going around right now.

Opps. Did I do that? Well I can't remember. Either way...

The aliens are back and they've found her. At least I know I wasn't out looking for them this time. No I was just to dumb to keep her away from the telescope.
Jacquelyn came back in the early morning hours. Her husband was worried. Her nanny was laughing at her. Ok so you can't see it but you know the nannys always laugh when bad things happen to good sims. They're just cruel that way.

Cute little Bassillia became a child. I think she is so pretty. She is a lovely blending of both of her parents. And a nice little kid too.

Joey gave birth to his little alien offspring. Joey had a boy. This is Bahram Monterey. Isn't he just to cute. Ok I must have a fever. I'm not generally a woman who constantly comments on cuteness.

Jackie teaches little Bassilia to study. Enjoy the attention because after this one time you are on your own. Mom and Dad will be to busy with the new babies. Sorry.

Speaking of babies. Here comes another one. Ow. Looks like it hurts.

Jacquelyn has a little girl. Meet Darice Monterey. She is going to be a little alien beauty.

Finally we reach the end of a baby filled season as Bahram becomes a toddler. Bahram is an Aries with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 2 playful & 3 nice.

The Monterey's:

  • Joey Monterey - permanently platinum Deep Sea Fisherman
  • Jacquelyn Blair Monterey - permanently platinum Hostage Negotiator
  • Basillia Monterey - cute kid
  • Bahram Monterey - cute toddler
  • Darice Monterey - cute baby

Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 5 - Holiday 2

House 9 - The Holiday's
The Holiday's are: Destin Holiday (popularity/family), his wife Hedwig Busto Holiday (popularity/family) and their son Bristol Holiday.
Last time: Bristol is born, Hedwig gets 30 best friends, and Hedwig find herself pregnant for a second time.

Hedwig's second pregnancy is moving right along. The happy couple can't wait for their next little one to arrive. And how can you tell that they're a happy couple? Why the heart undies of course. That means they are taking full advantage of the fact that Hedwig can't get knocked up twice. If only they'd put on some real clothes afterwards but with these two that just isn't going to happen.
Nope. They even garden in their undies. These two are such exhibitionists.

It makes you wonder if Bristol will grow up to be the same. Right now he is just growing into a wonderful young man. Other than the fact he cheats at chess and steals papers. But he's a Holiday. They always steal papers. It's a given.

It's time. Hedwig gives birth outside in the garden in front of an audience.

It's a girl. Hey. How did she wind up back in normal clothes? Humm. I really don't know. Moving on.

Meet the newest little Holiday. This is Kissimmee Holiday. She's such a doll.

In absolutely no time at all, Kissimmee became a toddler. Just like her brother, Kissimmee grew up with hollow head syndrome. Not sure what's up with that.

But we took care of that real quick. Now she's just a little darling.
Kissimmee Holiday is a gemini with 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful & 1 nice. She has EXACTLY the same personality as her brother Bristol.

And she loves her brother. Kissimmee and Bristol were best friends in no time.
Speaking of friends, our friends the aliens are back again. No Destin wasn't looking for them but he was thinking about them and suddenly they appeared.

The aliens tossed him out the space ship door and through the willow tree. It was a rough landing. Ouch!

Yeah, that's got to hurt. And you know what this means. More green babies anyone?

Destin wasn't feeling very well. Lots of time spent bowing to the porcelain god.

So although Destin usually does most of the child rearing, this time around Hedwig gets a crack at it. Can you say mommy little glowing baby girl?

Finally Kissimmee is all skilled up so she gets to spend some time chewing on her brother's blocks.

Destin's alien pregnancy starts to show but that doesn't stop him from heading to work where he is promoted to an Icon. That makes the second career that he's topped.

The Holiday's:

  • Destin Holiday - permanently platinum Icon
  • Hedwig Busto Holiday - permanently platinum Education Minister
  • Bristol Holiday - child
  • Kissimmee Holiday - toddler

Round 5 - Monterey 2

House 8 - The Monterey's
The Monterey's are: Janice Monterey Yessam (family-marry 6 kids), her husband Rich Yessam (popularity-become mayor), their twins Abigail & Zorah Yessam (children) and Caleb Yessam (toddler).
Last time: The kids get into private school, Caleb is born, Geron gets abducted by aliens and becomes household heir, & Geron and Gabriel head off to college.

We are back at the Monterey house which now contains nothing but Yessam's. They are a strange bunch the Yessam's. At least they have fun with life though.

The twins have a birthday and become teens. This is Abigail who becomes a knowledge sim and wants to someday be a ballet dancer.
Zorah becomes a family minded sim who longs for her golden anniversary.

The girls used the power of the wishing well (yes I use that a lot don't I) to find true love. First up was Abigail who was given one Coby Ashski. The two head to college at the end of the season.

Fate brought Zorah true love in the form of Ross Chandler. Now we might get some purple babies into the neighborhood. Yeah!
Little Caleb is growing up a storm. Not to be out done by his older sisters.....

he too has a birthday and becomes a child. He is his father's son.
Janice was also around this season but she wasn't up to much. She's just waiting around for her kids to get old enough to marry someone. Anyone will do. Just so long as they marry.
The Monterey's are:
  • Janice Monterey Yessam - has managed to marry off one child and wishes the others would grow faster
  • Rich Yessam - preparing to run agains Cal Evans in the next election
  • Abigail Yessam - knowledge sim who is headed to college
  • Zorah Yessam - faimly sim who is headed to college
  • Caleb Yessam - youngest child of the Yessam clan