Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 2 - University

Our first group of college students includes Amethyst Rosada, Destin Holiday, Hedwig Busto, and Joey Monterey. They spent their first two years in a dorm before heading out together to form a greek house. They quickly pledged up or second group for this year and then invited Zack Lancaster to move on in.

Things were kind of boring really. Every now and then something shocking happened but it was rare.

Destin spent most of his last two years just like this. Got to love those popularity sims. Eventually he sent Hedwig downtown to buy cell phones for everyone. New rule, all college students must have their own cell phone.

Our second group of members includes Brendon Lancaster, Iris Faststein, William Lancaster and Jaela Glissade. After Jaela became a member, but before she officially moved in, she took to fishing. She never actually went back to her dorm but instead just fished day and night. She fished until she was eventually moved in. Let's just say that her and William have a wonderful little nest egg with which to start their new home someday.

Joey found the future Mrs. Monterey. He hasn't proposed yet but he will someday when the time is right.

Destin asked Hedwig to be his wife. She accepted of course. They are a three bolt couple. Hedwig also had three bolts with Zack Lancaster which meant she couldn't decide who to follow around like a puppy.

Eventually graduation came. Joey Monterey heads back with a 4.0 in philosophy. He was big man on campus and a member of the secret society but then again so was all of group one.

Amethyst heads home with a 4.0 in drama. She has no husband lined up for her as she will be the wanton woman who insures the Rosada name carries forward into the next generation.

Destin graduated with a 4.0 in biology. Every time he goes through an age transition his hair flattens. He'll be sure to stiffen it back up once he gets back home.

Hedwig graduates with a 4.0 in political science. Her or Destin one will have to spring for a shopping trip asap.

As expected, Zack did a little soul searching after his sophomore year and decided that maybe money was more important than pet friends. He dreams of becoming an rich adventurer. With that settled he can finally do some serious skilling AND find himself a lady love.

By this time the other four of our first round students have moved on into the greek house. Brendon and Iris are in love. They finally have their first kiss (though I could have sworn they did this as teens). I've been waiting for them to roll of the want to get engaged but so far no dice. Weird seeing that they are a three bolt couple. Lots of those running around as you will notice.

William and Jaela are also a three bolt pair. As family sims they can hardly wait to get back home and start their family.

Of course they are already engaged. The wedding will take place right after graduation.

Speaking of graduation, Zackary Lancaster graduates with a 4.0 in literature. He is a member of the secret society and a big man on campus. He has found the woman he wants to marry someday but he keeps his relationships close to the vest so you'll just have to wait and see. Zack will be the Lancaster brother to move back in with grandpa James and carry on the original Lancaster house.

Yack yack yack. Talk talk talk. So how many sims can talk on cell phones at the same time before a lot blows up?

William broke his arm at some point. He didn't let that stop him from anything though. Maybe the arm will heal after graduation.

And speaking of, it's that time again. First out the door is Brendon Lancaster. He graduated with a 4.0 in psychology. He was also a SS member and a BMOC.

The future Mrs. Brendon Lancaster left next. Iris graduated with a 4.0 in Art. She was a SS member and BMOC. She is a little ticked at me for not letting her have a graduation party. She'll get over it.

WilliamLancaster heads off next. Growing up fixed that pesty broken arm btw. William graduated with a 4.0 in biology. (yes SS & BMOC)

Finally Jaela graduated with a 4.0 in biology (and SS & BMOC). Growing up killed her custom hair so we'll have to fix that later.

And so ends our first trip through college. To summarize (and maybe I should have done that to start with):

9 students, 9 advanced diplomas, 9 secret society members, 9 big man on campus memories and a partridge in a pear tree (man I hate college).

The greek house is now in the hands of our four newest college students but we'll hear all about them later. That's all from La Fiesta Tech for now. Until next time.

Round 1 - Evans House

Hi. My name is Cal Evans and I am a man whore. But I'm an honest one. I never lie. I promised myself long ago that I would never break a promise. To accomplish that, I let the women in my life make assumptions and draw conclusions. I never tell them that I want a relationship with them. I never tell them that I will be faithful. Heck, I never even tell them that I will call them. That would be a lie. So I just keep silent and let the ladies take me where they will.

The Evans charm is a powerful thing. My dad had it. He loved the ladies. He lied to the ladies. He left my mom with a broken heart. I hated the SOB for a long time. Then I turned out just like him. Well almost but not quite. On his death bed I made my old man a promise. It's the same promise that his old man got out of him. That I would take a wife and have a son. The Evans mojo had to be passed on. That promise is what got me here with Shannon.

I had my pick of the Burton sisters. I could have had Ashley, Jackie or Kelly. Well actually I did have them and there mother but I couldn't marry them. See, Shannon, she's just not the nicest girl around. If I'd have chosen her sister, she would have hurt me. I admit it. I'm a bit of a wuss. I'm a wuss who likes strong women and Shannon is the strongest I've ever found. So I asked her to marry me. I knew she'd say yes. First off I used ALL of the Evans charm. Secondly, Shannon likes to win. She sees me as a prize. I'm her way for beating her sisters. I'm ok with that. I don't mind being Shannon's possession. She can possess me any time.

Just so long as she doesn't try to leash me. God I love women. All women. I'd love them all too if given half the chance.

I think I may have succeeded in my quest. Shannon hasn't been feeling well lately. She's so tired she went to bed early. That's why I'm hanging out well I don't remember her name. Not important. I may be engaged but I'm not dead. I'll take this thing as far as Ms. X will let me.

Did I say I liked women. I love old ladies that best. That's what led me to the Burton sisters in the first place. It was their mother Kimmy. She was a lonely widow. I was a caring younger man. She made assumptions of course. She asked me to move in. Best move I ever made. Led me straight to her four beautiful daughters. Oh the memories.

Well the Evans magic worked like a charm. I've already knocked up my woman. Had to work fast before some other man could get his seed into the game. See I'm not blind here. I know that Shannon isn't going to be faithful. I'm not even going to ask her to. Just as soon as she gives me a son that I know is mine, she's free to play the field. I'm going to. Why shouldn't she? Just not in front of the kids please. I have terrible childhood memories that should not be repeated with my son.

Damn. Apparently the Evans genes are to strong. Big mouth Kelly just flat out asked Shannon if she was having twins. Why? Because Kelly had just had a set of my twins. Maybe twins ran in my family.

Yeah. That didn't go over to well with Shannon. Took a lot of love'n to calm down that raging fire. She has a temper my warrior princess. That she does. And her sister giving birth to my twin daughters suddenly made Shannon feel like she didn't win after all.

So I rectified the situation. We got married. Not something I would have ever done without the promise. Had to use modified wedding vows of course. I have no problem with the love and cherish but I wasn't about to go near the forsaking all others part. I told you. I don't lie and I don't break my promises.

Well I got my son. I also got a daughter. Shannon gave births to twins, Truman and Parker. Well dad, I kept my word you no good b@$!@^d.

Truman grew up pretty quickly. I have to assume that he really is mine since he looks just like me.

His sister Parker is a beauty. I think she may take after me too. I'm not looking forward to the day that I'm the father of a teenage girl. I know what teenage boys want and I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to let any of the punks get it from my baby girl.

Well we may not be a traditional family but we are trying. The kids are doing ok. I've been faithful since my wedding vows though I doubt it will last long. After all, there are a lot of women in the neighborhood and I am a man whore.

Evans family:

Cal Evans - romance - professional party guest - currently home video editor
Shannon Burton Evans - romance - top of music - currently summer camp music teacher
Truman Evans - toddler
Parker Evans - toddler

Thus ends week one.

sims 46
money 2
Total: 48

On to round two.

Round 1 - Burton House

I didn't expect to become a widow but I did. My Nitz went with the angels and left me here alone. I sought comfort in the arms of a wonderful man, Cal Evans. He seemed so perfect. He was everything I needed. Then everything went wrong.

All four of my girls - Jackie, Ashley, Kelly, & Shannon - moved home for one reason or another. At first everything was fine. Then the girls started fighting.

I must have been blind not to realize what the problem was. I lectured them. I begged them. But no one would tell me what was really going on.

I always new that Cal looked at women. But he was with me. I never dreamed that he would actually chase after another woman. I especially never dreamed he would chase after not one but all four of my daughters.

So I was shocked when Cal announced that he was moving out AND my daughter Shannon was going with him. They were engaged. ENGAGED! All this time he had been sharing my bed. How was it possible that I didn't realize that he was sharing ALL of my daughters beds too?

Even after moving out Cal was a constant fixture in our home. He just walked in like he owned the place. Fireworks were always an occurrence. Like the time my daughter Kelly caught Cal in bed with her sister Ashley. That was the same night that Kelly admitted that she was pregnant with Cal's child.

A few days later, Jackie found out that she was also pregnant. She swore up and down that it was not Cal's child but none of her sisters believed her.

Kelly gave birth to twin daughters, Jala and Bailey.

A day later Jackie gave birth to twins, Sawyer and Sasha.

I was thrilled to be a grandmother at last but this was not what I expected. I thought that my girls would marry nice young men. I thought that my grandchildren would be born within a marriage. But I love my girls. Despite it all I don't blame this on them. This is Cal's fault. He seduced my girls. He is an evil man. I hope my Shannon will see that and come home. So far she hasn't even called.

Bailey had her birthday. What a lovely girl she will be. I only hope I am here to see her grow up. I'm not getting any younger.

Jala is also lovely. Kelly is struggling at being a mother but at least she's trying.

The house is busy. Everyone has so much on their plates. But so far we have managed.

But the fights have not stopped. Though the girls say that no longer want Cal, they still fight over him. I can't understand it. I can't understand them. They should be a united front against him. They should join forces and get their sister out of his grasp.

Burton Family:
Kimmy Burton - Family - 6 grandkids - unemployed
Jackie Burton - Pleasure - Top Gamer - Flag Capturer
Ashley Burton - Pleasure - 50 1st dates - University Guest Lecturer
Kelly Burton - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - Waitress
Jala Burton - toddler
Bailey Burton - toddler
Sawyer Burton - baby
Sasha Burton - baby

Round 1 - Monterey House

I'm Momma Monterey and I guess I am now head of our little family. Recently both my son Markus and my husband Pappa have been killed. Oh they say it was an accident but we know better. I was all for continuing the hunt for the truth about what really happened but one morning my son Austin came in all shaky and pale. He suggested we move far away and hide so that we would be safe. Actually he pretty much demanded it. So Austin and I helped Markus' widow Janice pack up her two children Joey and Dakota and we headed off to Finality Springs. Here we will try to blend in and build a new life. At least I hope my family will be safe here.

Almost immediately Austin started flirting up the neighbors. I had hoped the move would make the boy reform. He has been bedding anything in a skirt lately.

Not only has he not changed but he is already causing problems for people. When will my only son straighten up? I had hoped that he would marry and give me more grandchildren. Maybe someday.

I had a long talk with the very nice Cal Evans. It was obvious to me that Jackie Burton had hurt the poor boy. We talked for hours and then even played chess. I hadn't played a nice game of chess since my beloved Pappa was electrocuted. It's such a shame that so many women have done this nice boy wrong.

Both Austin and Janice had to find work quickly. We weren't able to bring much cash with us. Unfortunately they both seem to have come down with the flu or something. I hope it's not contagious. I wouldn't want Joey to come down with anything on his first day at his new school.

I'm staying home to take care of little Dakota. I'm doing my best to teach her at least a thing or two. With all the stress over her father's death, Janice hasn't even found time to potty train the girl.

Course you can imagine how shocked we all were when Janice found out she was pregnant. Course I was thrilled that my Markus had left behind a little piece of himself. I know a mother shouldn't have favorites but I did. Markus was always my favorite. I miss him so much.

About the same time Austin broke down and admitted that he had been captured and experimented on by those madmen. I asked him if they were aliens? I have heard around the neighborhood that they sometimes steal men away and put alien babies inside them. But Austin says no. He won't say much more though. He just gets pale and sweaty. My poor baby.

Dakota is starting to school now. Just in time too. With two more babies on the way we need Joey and Dakota to be able to take care of themselves.

While Janice was pregnant she met this Rich man. No, I don't mean that he's rich. That's his name. Rich something or the other. I was shocked that Janice was moving on so fast. I don't want to see her with anyone but my Markus. But she is young and she does deserve to love again. So I will keep my opinion of this 'man' to myself. Hopefully she knows what she's doing.

Well our nice neighbors the Roswells gave Austin a homemade strawberry cheesecake. As you can imagine the pregnant people devoured it practically whole.

The next morning they both went into labor. Yes, at the same time. I didn't know who to run to first.

Strange thing is both Austin and Janice gave birth to twins. Janice gave me two grandsons, Gabriel and Geron. Austin gave me two granddaughters, Aubriel and Angelica.

Needless to things things got very crazy very fast.

Did I say crazy? That may have been an understatement. We barely had money for cribs. How are we going to take care of them all? And Austin is to busy chasing the ladies. There are several of them. I'm not a young woman. I can't take care of all these babies by myself. He is going to have to start pulling his weight around here.

It was really no surprise when Joey announced that he was heading off to college early. I'm sure college will seem very mild after the chaos of our home.

Well Cal and I are dating. He says he loves mature women. He knows that they won't hurt him. Oh, I think I love this boy. He isn't my Pappa but he does make me feel good about myself. Austin doesn't seem to mind. Of course I'm not sure he's noticed yet.

Janice took her relationship with Rich Yessam to the next level. She's started talking about finding her own place. I really don't want her to go but I can understand her desire to have her own home once again. I will miss her though. Her and my grandbabies. I love them all so.

All the babies are now toddlers. Janice and I have managed to teach them all their skills. Janice has been such a help. I've begun to truly see her as my daughter.

Right before winter hit, Janice packed up her children and moved into her own starter home. Knowing her, I expect to hear wedding bells soon.

Now I'm left here to take care of my son Austin's twins. He never helps. He's to busy wooing the women. What is this old woman at do? And what will Austin do when I finally kick the bucket?

Monterey Family:

  • Mamma Monterey - Family - Captain Hero - unemployed
  • Austin Monterey - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims - Record Store Clerk
  • Aubriel Monterey - toddler
  • Angelica Monterey - toddler
Moving to a second Montery Household:

  • Janice Monterey - Family - marry 6 kids - Elite Forces
  • Dakota Monterey - child
  • Geron Monterey - toddler
  • Gabriel Monterey - toddler
Off to college: Joey Monterey - Knowledge - top of Journalism