Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 1 - Monterey House

I'm Momma Monterey and I guess I am now head of our little family. Recently both my son Markus and my husband Pappa have been killed. Oh they say it was an accident but we know better. I was all for continuing the hunt for the truth about what really happened but one morning my son Austin came in all shaky and pale. He suggested we move far away and hide so that we would be safe. Actually he pretty much demanded it. So Austin and I helped Markus' widow Janice pack up her two children Joey and Dakota and we headed off to Finality Springs. Here we will try to blend in and build a new life. At least I hope my family will be safe here.

Almost immediately Austin started flirting up the neighbors. I had hoped the move would make the boy reform. He has been bedding anything in a skirt lately.

Not only has he not changed but he is already causing problems for people. When will my only son straighten up? I had hoped that he would marry and give me more grandchildren. Maybe someday.

I had a long talk with the very nice Cal Evans. It was obvious to me that Jackie Burton had hurt the poor boy. We talked for hours and then even played chess. I hadn't played a nice game of chess since my beloved Pappa was electrocuted. It's such a shame that so many women have done this nice boy wrong.

Both Austin and Janice had to find work quickly. We weren't able to bring much cash with us. Unfortunately they both seem to have come down with the flu or something. I hope it's not contagious. I wouldn't want Joey to come down with anything on his first day at his new school.

I'm staying home to take care of little Dakota. I'm doing my best to teach her at least a thing or two. With all the stress over her father's death, Janice hasn't even found time to potty train the girl.

Course you can imagine how shocked we all were when Janice found out she was pregnant. Course I was thrilled that my Markus had left behind a little piece of himself. I know a mother shouldn't have favorites but I did. Markus was always my favorite. I miss him so much.

About the same time Austin broke down and admitted that he had been captured and experimented on by those madmen. I asked him if they were aliens? I have heard around the neighborhood that they sometimes steal men away and put alien babies inside them. But Austin says no. He won't say much more though. He just gets pale and sweaty. My poor baby.

Dakota is starting to school now. Just in time too. With two more babies on the way we need Joey and Dakota to be able to take care of themselves.

While Janice was pregnant she met this Rich man. No, I don't mean that he's rich. That's his name. Rich something or the other. I was shocked that Janice was moving on so fast. I don't want to see her with anyone but my Markus. But she is young and she does deserve to love again. So I will keep my opinion of this 'man' to myself. Hopefully she knows what she's doing.

Well our nice neighbors the Roswells gave Austin a homemade strawberry cheesecake. As you can imagine the pregnant people devoured it practically whole.

The next morning they both went into labor. Yes, at the same time. I didn't know who to run to first.

Strange thing is both Austin and Janice gave birth to twins. Janice gave me two grandsons, Gabriel and Geron. Austin gave me two granddaughters, Aubriel and Angelica.

Needless to things things got very crazy very fast.

Did I say crazy? That may have been an understatement. We barely had money for cribs. How are we going to take care of them all? And Austin is to busy chasing the ladies. There are several of them. I'm not a young woman. I can't take care of all these babies by myself. He is going to have to start pulling his weight around here.

It was really no surprise when Joey announced that he was heading off to college early. I'm sure college will seem very mild after the chaos of our home.

Well Cal and I are dating. He says he loves mature women. He knows that they won't hurt him. Oh, I think I love this boy. He isn't my Pappa but he does make me feel good about myself. Austin doesn't seem to mind. Of course I'm not sure he's noticed yet.

Janice took her relationship with Rich Yessam to the next level. She's started talking about finding her own place. I really don't want her to go but I can understand her desire to have her own home once again. I will miss her though. Her and my grandbabies. I love them all so.

All the babies are now toddlers. Janice and I have managed to teach them all their skills. Janice has been such a help. I've begun to truly see her as my daughter.

Right before winter hit, Janice packed up her children and moved into her own starter home. Knowing her, I expect to hear wedding bells soon.

Now I'm left here to take care of my son Austin's twins. He never helps. He's to busy wooing the women. What is this old woman at do? And what will Austin do when I finally kick the bucket?

Monterey Family:

  • Mamma Monterey - Family - Captain Hero - unemployed
  • Austin Monterey - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims - Record Store Clerk
  • Aubriel Monterey - toddler
  • Angelica Monterey - toddler
Moving to a second Montery Household:

  • Janice Monterey - Family - marry 6 kids - Elite Forces
  • Dakota Monterey - child
  • Geron Monterey - toddler
  • Gabriel Monterey - toddler
Off to college: Joey Monterey - Knowledge - top of Journalism


Bubbs said...

Were both of those sims pregant when you got them? HAHAHA! Poor grandma...her son if off romancing and she is taking care of the babies.

aquatami said...

Yes they were both pregnant when I got them. Add that to the Holiday alien baby and that was three hidden pregnancies. I have to tell you it leaves me wondering if I have pregnant townies running around out there.

Kerry said...

I think that would be a yes. I played the Monterey's, too. Austin never does change. :)

ASimWen said...

Heh, Rich Yessam. Hehehe He didn't do very well in his job when I played him. He kept getting fired. LOL Plus he got abducted. heh

ciyrose said...

Wow...all those pregnancies, and now all those babies. Good job with them all.