Saturday, November 10, 2007


Welcome to Finality Springs. This is a prosperity challenge neighborhood. The characters involved are Prosperity Fellowship families. Six families became playable. Everyone else became townies. No this isn't an original idea. It was however a good idea so I stole it. Thanks to Rachel for the idea and to everyone else who helped put together the Fellowship Families.

Well there really wasn't much to see in the beginning. I'm not much of a decorator so it's all just green grass and blue skies. Of course that will change.

I have all the expansion packs through Seasons. I will be using the seasons as my round markers. Five days just seems to work for me. I have recently been getting rid of my hacks. All I have left is my phone hack and my equal opportunity alien abduction hack. About the middle of round two I put the risky woohoo back in. Probably a mistake that. I have population explosion issues as it is.

So, I guess we should start with some introductions.

Family 1: The Rosada's

Amethyst Rosada - teen - fortune - hall of famer
Aquamarine Rosada - teen - family - top of education
Ariana Rosada - toddler
Brigid Rosada - toddler
Danielle Rosada - toddler

Family 2: The Holiday's

Andre Holiday - adult - family - 6 grandkids
Destin Holiday - teen - popularity - captain hero
Dakota Holiday - child
Danton Holiday - toddler
Jazz Holiday - toddler
Venice Holiday - toddler

Family 3: The Roswell's

Cornelia Roswell - elder - fortune - top of law
Orion Roswell - adult - family - 6 grandkids
Stellar Roswell - adult - popularity - top of law
Louthor Roswell - teen - family - raise 20 puppies/kittens
Mars Roswell - child

Family 4: The Lancaster's

James Lancaster - elder - popularity - top of law
Brendon Lancaster - teen - popularity - captain hero
William Lancaster - teen - family - top of education
Zachary Lancaster - teen - 20 pet best friends
Adrian Lancaster - child
Bryan Lancaster - child

Family 5: The Monterey's

Mamma Monterey - elder - family - captain hero
Austin Moneterey - adult - romance - woohoo 20 sims
Janice Monterey - adult - family - marry 6 kids
Joey Monterey - knowledge - top journalism
Dakota Monterey - toddler

Family 6: The Burton's

Kimmy Burton - elder - family - 6 grandkids
Cal Davis - adult - romance - professional party guest
Jackie Burton - pleasure - top gamer
Ashley Burton - pleasure - 50 1st dates
Kelly Burton - popularity - celebrity chef
Shannon Burton - romance - top music

As I said, all other families were made into townies. All children and toddlers were aged up to teenagers. Their aspirations were rolled for so I should have a little of everything. Some of the elders were aged down to adults but not all of them. Just kind of depended on the mood I was in at the time. The only two babies added to the adoption pool were the alien babies from one of the families. I pretty much kept the turn on and turn offs where they fell. I pretty much only allow myself to change one turn on/off per person. For some reason though there are an unbelievable amount of three bolt couples turning up in the neighborhood. But you'll see all that in time. So why not just get to it already.

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