Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 1 - Lancaster House

There were many ball in the air on moving day. Much to do. Much to do. My poor daughter has gone to her final rewards. She has left me with five wonderful grandsons. The triplets, Brendon, William and Zachary are all teens. I wasn't so worried about them. The twins, Adrian and Bryan, where just children. It was especially hard on them. And me. I'm an old man. I'm not use to this. It has been a long time indeed since James Lancaster was around anyone this young. Don't get many visitors in assisted living. A shame that. But with my daughter gone I knew that I had to do what I could. I had to finish raising those boys. They don't have a father. They just have me. One old man that nobody will hire to do anything more than clean out bed pans or be a door greeter at Wal-Mart.

It wasn't an easy adjustment for any of us. The triplets helped me with the twins. We managed to get them all studied up. Yep. Smart little whipper snappers my grandsons.

I did the best I could to pay the bills. Living is cheap here in Finality Springs just like the brochure said. Course not that cheap. Me and all my boys fish as much as we can. Late every night I go out and sell our daily take. So far it's been enough to make ends meet. Course it's been boring.

So when the kids were off at school I started having a little me time. I'm not a young man. I don't want to waste my golden years. I had the feeling that Cornelia Roswell felt the same way. And once she told me that she had never procreated the old fashioned way, well I knew I had to rectify that situation. WOOHOO! For an alien she sure is hot.

Course I didn't want to get tied down by no one woman. Have to keep it all on the side you know. Now I know what you're thinking here. James, you're old enough to be young Amethyst's grandpa. Well I know I am. But just look at her. She's blue. I couldn't help myself.

I mean really, if you think about it, I'm offering a community service. Old man that I am I still can get it up you know. I do have a little bit of technique left. Not much mind you but some. That assisted living was good for something. The old lady next door was a belly dancer. RAWR!

Course I wasn't the only one dating. The boys all had girls too. I just tried to stay out of there way. They were practically grown. They didn't need me telling them what to do.

Well winter is almost here. The triplets have all headed off to college. They managed to get a scholarship on count of them being orphans and also one on grades. It will be darn quiet around here without them. I don't know how me and the twins are going to make it through the winter. The pond has done gone and frozen over taking away my only source of income. But I'll think of something. I am a Lancaster. Us Lancaster's always find a way.

Lancaster Family:

James Lancaster - Popularity - The Law - unemployed
Brendon Lancaster - Popularity - Captain Hero - off to college
William Lancaster - Family - Top Education - off to college
Zachery Lancaster - Popularity - 20 pet best friends - off to college
Adrian Lancaster - child
Bryan Lancaster - child


Bubbs said...

James is just romancing the hood, huh? Who is next on his list of conquests?

ASimWen said...

Haha great seeing the Lancasters! heh

ciyrose said...

These guys are a fun family. This is making me really want to play the fellowship. lol