Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 1 - Roswell House

It's not an easy decision to pick up your entire family and move across the galaxy to what is known as a backwater hovel but that is exactly what I did. Honestly I didn't see that I had a choice. My father was 'rehabilitated' to an early death for ideas that where 'nonconforming' in nature. As I believed every word my father ever said, it didn't take a genius i.q. to realize that I was next. So I packed my mother Cornelia, my wife Stellar and my two sons Louther and Mars and I, Orion Roswell, headed off into the great unknown.

Things are wholly different here. As always it is the young who adapt the quickest. My oldest son Louthor began dating the blue girl across the street. I don't entirely understand the human mating dance, as mine was an arranged joining, but Louthor says he loves this Aquamarine Rosada and he is going to join with her once he is of legal age. For now they are 'going steady' and talking about which place of higher education they should attend.

Aquamarine must be serious about my son as well. She spends much time hanging about. She seems to want to be friends with both my wife and mother. She is planting roots to hold her to Louthor I imagine.

Speaking of that rascal son of mine, Louthor went out not long after our move and acquired two small dogs with what little money I was able to give him. I had intended the money to be used on essentials like clothing but obviously I didn't make myself clear. I do not consider two little animals to be necessary at all.

But my mother has taken to the beasts so I guess they shall stay. Mother was very depressed upon leaving our home world. At least now she is somewhat happy. I know that she will never be truly at home here but I could not leave her behind where she would be reprogrammed or worse.

After spending some time on this planet I have learned how the natives reproduce. I must say that it is much more stimulating than the laboratory results achieved back home. After some persuasion I convinced Stellar to attempt this mating dance with me. I assured her that reproduction was not a given and in fact the odds are quite small. That is why she was so upset when she later learned that she was with child. Stellar has never carried a child before and was quite fearful. But we shall see it through. To think, we made our own little creation without the help of government officials and laboratory technicians.

The beasts have multiplied. Mother Dottie and Father Soldier have produced a daughter, Altha and a son, Boaz. As these are my sons pets I expect him to take them with him at some point. I hear he isn't allowed pets in college but certainly afterward he can take them all to his new place of residence.I the midst of a small kitchen fire - who knew omelets could spontaneously combust like that - my beautiful wife Stellar gave birth to our daughter Starr. I wasn't entirely pleased how the fireman watched my wife as she delivered but perhaps that is common here.

The children grew quickly and as autumn turned towards winter our little Starr became a toddler. She is a wonderful glowing child that will add much richness to our lives.

Roswell Family

  • Cornelia Roswell - Fortune - The Law - unemployed
  • Orion Roswell - Family - 6 grandkids - something in education
  • Stellar Roswell - Popularity - The Law - something in law
  • Louthor Roswell - Family - raise 20 puppies / kittens
  • Mars Roswell - child
  • Starr Roswell - toddler


Bubbs said...

Where did this family come from? Hmmm, must go hunt them down....

Melissa said...

I have this family in my Fellowship 'hood, too. I LOVE them. Starr is beautiful.