Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 1 - Rosada House

Twins Amethyst and Aquamarine Rosada grew up in Wyoming next to a nuclear power plant. Life was good until the power plant had a little accident one day. The twins mother was pregnant at the time. She gave birth to three very colorful daughters; Ariana, Brigid and Danielle. Shortly thereafter, Moma Rosada mysteriously disappeared. The twins suspected that their mother had been snatched as part of a cover-up. Fearful for their lives, the twins emptied their mother's savings account, grabbed up their baby sisters and headed to Finality Springs were they had heard they could get good housing for a steal. Things aren't exactly how they expected it. Actually it's better than they expected. No one questions their unusual skin color thanks to neighbors who are orange and green. No longer fearing for their lives, they establish a small home were they plan to raise the triplets.

Of course things aren't easy. The twins have barely enough money to pay for the nanny to take care of the triplets while they are in school. Luckily the triplets won't be babies forever.

Amethyst helps earn money to pay the nanny by fishing with some of the locals. She's met some really strange people since moving to Finality Springs that's for sure.

Aquamarine helps out by trying to potty train the triplets. She is more interest in family than her financially minded sister. She sees to it that the triplets eventually manage to grow up well.

Amethyst had hoped that once the triplets started school things would get easier but it hasn't. Now she and Aquamarine don't just have to get their homework done but they also have to make sure the youngsters get theirs done too.
Amethyst was on the verge of a major breakdown when she discovers boys. She soon finds that there are advantages to having no parents. What parents would let you make out in the front yard at two a.m.? Amethyst and Aquamarine eventually have to have a long talk about college. Amethyst just can't let that opportunity pass her by. She convinces her sister to stay and raise the kids while she takes early enrollment to the local college. She promises to come back upon graduation and finish raising the kids so that Aquamarine can also attend college. With that plan and an orphans scholarship in hand, Amethyst heads off to college. Hopefully Aquamarine can manage the household without her.

Amethyst Rosada - Fortune - Hall of Fame - off to college
Aquamarine Rosada - Family - Top of Education - unemployed
Ariana Rosada - child
Brigid Rosada - child
Danielle Rosada - child


Bubbs said...

Great job on this house! Those triplets can be a handful!

Galena said...

Great job. I was always afraid the kids would be taken by the Social Worker.

ASimWen said...

Yeah she made it thru the first few days of Rosada!

Kerry said...

It's gonna be fun to see these families again! I think I spied Mercury Mitchell fishing at the lake--he died during my last round. Good to see him young and hale!

snarkysims said...

Your blog has inspired me to download the Fellowship families. I doubt I'll blog it, but it will give me something to do when I need a break from the Megahood.

ciyrose said...

So I know you haven't posted in a long time, and you may not post anymore, but I have been slowly working through prosperity blogs, still alive or not, and just reading what other people did. Since this is also some fellowship families, and I'm thinking of playing them, it's fun. :)