Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 5 - Rosada House

Rosada House: Amethyst Rosada (Fortune/Knowledge), Danielle Rosada (Pleasure/Romance) and Beryl Rosada (child).

Well Dani is back from college and looking to have a good time. More dream dates. That's what she wants. Well that and Dakota Holiday. Now technically he's married. And maybe it's bad of me but I let them have a few dream dates. After all, they both keep rolling up wants to be with each other. (Bad Gypsy!) Hopefully this will just get it out of their system.

Darn. I had forgotten all about that. Well that tends to put a damper on the evening. Still that's three more quick dream dates which puts our total to 44.

Amethyst made a bad call on a chance card and gets demoted. Bummer that.

With a knowledge second aspiration she still isn't rolling up people related wants which for some reason just drives me nuts. She did roll up the want to woohoo in a bed so I called up an old friend from her college days and they got to it. Now that she's got that out of her system all she wants to do is learn new skills. I should be happy. I know this. And yet I am so disappointed in her.

Mom. I'm home. Look. Perfect grades. Just like you did in college. Mom. Mom could you please close the book and at least look at me. I am your one and only child. Couldn't you at least remember I'm alive?

Well Dani is a people person in a completely different sort of way. Another wishing well dream date. This brings us to 45.

Dakota brings us a dance spear. I'm not sure where we'll put it on this tiny little lot but I'll come up with something.

Another wishing well dream date. This brings us to 46. Oh. Did I forget to mention that risky woohoo had struck. I would have thought that would be a given.

Are you sure I can't feed her to a cow plant? Burn her alive? What if a satellite just happened to fall from the sky?
Poor Beryl. Such a solitary little guy. I feel so bad for him. Always having to fend for himself.
Danielle gives birth to TWIN girls. Meet Ruby and Opal Rosada. Ruby has her mom's pink eyes. Opal has grey eyes. Andre Holiday gets two more grandbabies. Maybe that super fertility really does work.

Well. Back to it. Adrian Lancaster (who is suppose to be marrying her sister) gives Dani 3 more dream dates. That brings our total to 49. Unfortunately that's where it remains. We'll have to pick up one more dream date this winter.

Yeah. I know. She shouldn't be dating men who are taken. Well at least she likes people. She doesn't act like a bump on the log like you. Annoying sim that you are.

Beryl becomes a teen. He is a family sim who wants to be an education minister.

And finally, Dani gets to actually work and becomes a cult leader. Somehow I can actually see that.

Come back this winter when I prove I can control my impulses and not kill my most annoying sim.

Round 5 - University

Time for a tour of through the greek house. 19 kids came through this season. That's way more than I would have liked. So here is a quick run down of the comings and goings.

Aspen Holiday (Family) and Starr Roswell (Knowledge/Pleasure) have been an item from the start. Aspen graduated with a major in Biology. Starr with a major in literature. The two are now engaged to be married. They will be moving back to Finality Springs and starting up yet another Holiday House. Yes. I'm a glutton for punishment. These two will hopefully help both their fathers get those 6 grandkids they want and should be the couple who produces the first child of generation three.
Angelica Monterey (Romance/Family) brought her boyfriend Parker Jonas (Romance) to college with her. Angelica wants 20 loves but I'm ignoring that for now. Parker wants to be a rock god. The couple were engaged their senior year. They will be starting a new house. Hopefully their marriage will survive the number of romance sims currently living in the neighborhood.
Ambrel Monterey (Pleasure/Grilled Cheese) and her boyfriend Adam Breakosi (Romance/Pleasure) both studied art in college. They both have nice safe career based LTWs which is nice. They too will be starting a new house this winter.
Sasha Burton (Romance/Pleasure) wants 20 loves but she spent most of her time studying literature. Boyfriend Amar Hamilton (Romance/Pleasure) also wants 20 loves but spent his time studying math. The two are destined for their own house this winter. I'm assuming that it's the pleasure 2nd aspirations that's giving them good memories of their engagement. If you ask me those rings are spinning up some weird colors post FT.

Sawyer Burton (Pleasure/Grilled Cheese) studied art while in college. His future wife, Iris Harlord (Romance/Fortune) studied biology. In a strange twist of fate (or glitchy LTW if you prefer), Iris wants to have 6 kids get married someday. I decided to just go with it. Not my favorite LTW but something about making a romance sim do it just tickles my fancy. These two will be taking over the Burton house this winter.
Geron Monterey (Knowledge/Romance) and his girl friend Starrie Night (Family) both studied biology. Starrie wants to graduate three kids from college someday. With the way I pop out kids that seems doable. These two are taking over Monterey House # 2 this winter. I just hope there is room.
Truman Evans (no that isn't Cal although it's hard to believe - Fortune) came to college alone. He studied biology. He used the wishing well to find a 3 bolt love in Alexandria Potts. The two are engaged. Truman will be moving back into the Evans house this winter.
Parker Evans (Romance/Family) studied literature although she really wanted to be working on her 20 woohoos. Her boyfriend Janson Knight (romance) studied economics. He wants to be a rock god so I grew his hair to give him that rocker appeal. Janson graduated several semesters before Parker. After he left Parker went to work and got 10 woohoos under her belt (while risky woohoo can't get her). Half of these were townies called up from the wishing well. The other five include her fiance Janson, Mars Roswell, Adam Breakosi, Parker Jonas and Adrian Lancaster. Cat fights may start breaking out around the neighborhood just any time now. Parker and Janson will be starting their own house this winter.
Hailee Ashski came to college with Gabriel Monterey. She was a Family sim who wanted to raise 20 puppies or kittens. Needless to say she had a change of heart her sophomore year. I hated to do it since she had three bolts with Gabriel but I just won't do that again if I don't have to. Hailee is now a Popularity/Grilled Cheese sim who wants to be a hall of famer. Her change dropped her down to two bolts with Gabriel. It caused me to change my way of thinking about a few things. Hailee is now single. I have an idea of what to do with her but no definites. If nothing better comes along, she will probably become a third wheel in one new houses this winter.

Hailee's change opened my eyes to an in neighborhood three bolt hookup. Gabriel Monterey (Knowledge/family) studied biology. Jala Burton (Family/Knowledge) studied art. For some reason I kept thinking that these two were related. Although they do have first cousins in common, they aren't related. They found each other in college. Gabriel took Jala's hand and never looked back. They both have career related LTWs. They will be moving into Monterey House 1 assuming there is room this winter.

These two have made me realize that I should do a better job of hooking up my neighborhood kids. It might even cut down on the neighborhood population. So I vow to try to do better. Who knows. It could happen.

Well that's all from the university. 19 graduates with 4.0 averages in various majors. All greek house members. All secret society members. All big men/women on campus. All blissfully graduated.

BEES! BEES! And I'm allergic.

Can my luck get any worse?

Parker kissing Parker.

Angelica and Ambrel as Charlie's Angels. Actually they're Austin's Angels. If you haven't noticed yet all the kids born in Monterey House one have been given angel names.

Good-bye. So long. Thanks for stopping by. Please tip your server on your way out.

Round 4 - Scoring

What a strange round of play. Free Time sure shook the neighborhood up.

As far as scoring goes:

Sims: 80 pts (76 living - 4 not so much)
Impossible wants: 30 points (10 @ 3 pts each)
Top influence at death: 2 points
Top of career: 32 points
Rosada - 51,675
Holiday 1 - 77,885
Lancaster 1 - 142,919
Monterey 1 - 131,597
Burton 1 - 111,210
Evans 1 - 71,972
Monterey 2 - 89,525
Holiday 2 - 125,863
Monterey 3 - 144,466
Lancaster 2 - 71,220
Lancaster 3 - 225,625
Roswell 2 - 148,721
Holiday 3 - 212,271
Total: 1,660,902 or 17 points
Platinum Graves: 4 points
Summa Cum Laude Grads: 17 points
Big Man on Campus: 17 points
Gold Badges: 8 points
Hobby Plaques: 4 points
Shrink Visit: -1 point
Social Bunny: -1 point
Ongoing: 10 impossible wants: 10 points
CAS Elder LTW: 10 points

TOTAL: 225 Points

Not so bad I guess. I'm just amazed I've made it this far. It's my farthest ever. I'm just so HAPPY!

Ok. It's late and I shouldn't be drinking strawberry daiquiris while blogging. I think this last one has put me over the limit.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

Round 4 - Holiday House 3

The Holiday House: Dakota Holiday (Family/Pleasure) and Rosario Vega (Family/Pleasure).

The first thing on our to do list is get Dakota engaged. I don't know that it would have prevented him from being snatched up by the crazy gypsy woman but it sure can't hurt anything.
It was a quick engagement. Now if we can just get the groom to stop rolling up wants to fall in love with Dani Rosada.

Well. My dad wants grandkids. We must do our part. And of course we are both family sims and we both have super fertility. Not sure that was a smart move but I'm only playing this neighborhood right now so I have to try out all the new stuff here. I find it strange that I'm suddenly actually hoping for twins.

Rosario got big quick. She started a garden. Got a wishing well. Did all the usual stuff that my other pregnant sims have done this summer. You know. Same old same old.
Put your hands where I can see them and slowly back away from the telescope. Are you nuts. That's there for daytime spying only. Your wife could be having twins. We don't need two sets.
Well I find myself disappointed to announce that there was just one baby. A girl. Meet Alabama Holiday. I suppose it's for the best. Someone call Andre and let him know it's a single. 2 down and 4 grandbabies to go.

Ok. Strike that. More grandbabies of the green variety coming soon. This has done got ridiculous.

And thus ends a very strange summer. Maybe the aliens will cool down with approach of autumn? One can hope. Or not. I really do like the green alien babies but there are going to be so many of them born at once. I already can't control my population. I don't need FT helping me out any. Oh well. Join us back the Fall when we see if super fertility will give us alien twins. Until then... BEWARE THE NIGHT TIME SKY. THERE ARE ALIENS AMONG US.

The Holiday Family

  • Dakota Holiday - adult - family/pleasure - golden anniversary
  • Rosario Holiday - adult - family/pleasure - golden anniversary
  • Alabama Holiday - baby

Round 4 - Roswell House 2

The Roswell House: Louthor Roswell (Family) & Aquamarine Rosada (Family/Popularity).

Louthor and Aquamarine are back from college and moving into their own lot. Fur really turns Louthor on and after a good mouth full, he and Aquamarine marry in a very private joining ceremony out in the front yard.

Louther has started his puppy raising campaign. His lifetime want is to raise 20 puppies or kittens. I've actually never accomplished this so here goes nothing. Louther has rescued or been given 6 puppies to start with. Unfortunately all of the puppies in the neighborhood are coming out of just two houses so most of these guys are related. Ok. Honestly I don't care. There won't be much puppy raising after I get this LTW out of the way. I love real pets but not sim pets. They just tend to annoy me.

Louthor and Aqua both take jobs in the Education field. On the same day, both are promoted to Education Ministers. This completes Aqua's LTW. They then both took jobs in the natural science field.

Aqua isn't actually working though. She's staying home and tending the garden while on maternity leave. You will recall that Louther's father Orion wants six grandkids. Well we all must do our fair share to help others in need.

When the puppies become adults, Louthor sales a couple and sends the rest to the pound. He then adopts another six puppies. Not at the same time mind you. It's slightly staggered. Six down and so very many more to go.

Aquamarine gives birth outside beneath the fruit trees. She has a girl. Welcome Isis Roswell to the neighborhood. Isis is named for the goddess of nature, the moon and fertility. Since she was born beneath a fruit tree, it just seemed fitting.

Louthor loves his little girl. He loves his wife. He loves his puppies. And, miracle of miracles, he didn't get abducted by aliens even though there was a telescope on the lot. Just not one on the front porch. Distance is important.

The Roswell Family

  • Louthor Roswell - Family - raise 20 puppies - to many more to go - working as dinosaur cloner
  • Aquamarine Rosada Roswell - Family/Popularity - PP - working as dinosaur cloner
  • Isis Roswell - baby

Round 4 - Lancaster House 3

Lancaster House: William Lancaster (Family) and Jaela Glissade Lancaster (Knowledge).
Happy newlyweds William and Jaela are expecting their first child. William decides to do a bit of job jumping to earn some extra cash (and to alleviate my boredom).
That is how Jaela got this little toy to play with. I haven't found a single good use for said device yet. The only thing she managed to do was hear neighbors arguing. So? Is this a pointless thing or what? No. Really. I'm asking.
When not working, William did more gardening. Here is another house who needs to downsize the garden area next year.

Here we go again.

Doesn't he just look so sad. Well I didn't tell you to stargaze. You did this all yourself.

Ouch. Well that will teach you. The question is will it teach me. Maybe I need to start deleting a few telescopes. You simmies like them to much and the aliens are getting vicious around here.

Poor guy. William is still thinking about green men the next morning when he heads off to is first day of work. I'm trying to check out the new FT career rewards. I must say, honestly, I've been a bit disappointed thus far.

Jaela gives birth to a bouncing baby boy. Meet Jock Lancaster. He has his mother's skin tone but this father's eyes. Honestly, the orange Lancaster skin isn't fairing so well. Maybe it'll jump back into the next generation or something.

After giving birth, Jaela heads back to work and is promoted of chief of staff. This completes her first life time goal. Now she wants to be the hand of Poseidon.

William starts maternity leave. Yes. He's still harvesting those blasted veggies.

Jaela becomes the hand of Poseidon and passes the 100k mark. Her third LTW is to become the head of the scia.

Awww. Cute baby alert. Jock becomes a toddler. He's a sagittarius with 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful & 1 nice. Well. At least he's cute.

Maybe I could just move them. Maybe not sell them but just move them to the back 40. Stick them in an unused corner of the lot somewhere. They definitely need to be taken off the front porch. That's for dang sure.

Oh and let's not forget I have that equal opportunity hack.

More green babies anyone. Seriously. Does anyone know if Free Time drastically increased the abduction rate? Things are getting out of hand.

Join us back this fall when both mom and dad give birth to their alien offspring.

The Lancasters

  • William Lancaster - Family - PP - Working as the Hand of Poseidon
  • Jaela Glissade Lancaster - Knowledge - PP - Working as the Hand of Poseidon
  • Jock Lancaster - toddler