Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Roswell House 1

The Roswell House consists of Orion (the Family sim), his wife Stellar (the Popularity sim) and his teenage daughter Starr (the Knowledge sim).

Now this one's going to be bumpy folks so buckle up.

Things have been a little rocky in the Roswell marriage lately. Stellar cheated on Orion with Austin Monterey. Yes, she was one of his thirty loves. Then Orion cheated with Ashley Burton leaving behind consequences he doesn't even know about yet. In an attempt to set things right, a night of unbridled passion was in order. Nothing like a good woohoo to set things right. Right?
Ok maybe not. After a good woohoo with her husband, Stellar turns to her good friend Justin Night for a night of comfort. With FT newly installed, Stellar rolled into a 2nd aspiration of romance which she took to like a duck to water. But where was her husband you may ask.

Well he was away. Far Far Away. Orion picked up the secondary aspiration of knowledge. Since this is my firsts FT installed family, Orion was trying out this and that to find his natural hobby. Two seconds on a telescope just to see if he liked science (which he doesn't - he's into music and dance) and his alien brotheren found him and whisked him into the stars. Stellar decided that it wasn't cheating if your husband isn't in the same universe hence Justin Night sneaking from her bed. Yes my first few minutes of free time was a real doozy. But we ain't done yet.

Stellar is still rolling up all those romancing wants. She's having trouble fulfilling them without getting caught though because Orion is always around.

And getting rounder by the minute. Yes, Orion is with child. He's a family sim so he's happy about his new baby just not thrilled about the how of it all. But you know family sims. There is always room for one more baby.

Or two more as the case may be. Stellar also finds herself with child. But is it Orion's child from their one magical night where he tried to get her with baby. Or is it Justin Night's child from that one bought of woohoo - keeping in mind that all woohoo in my neighborhood is risky.

Well Orion knowing nothing about what happened while he was gone is tickled with the idea of two new babies in the house. He and Starr use his time off from work to win the family a wishing well. BTW, did you know that you can really ring up some extra cash by putting flower beds in all your extra unused spaces? Seriously, I've made up to 11k just by doing this. Ok, not on this lot. It was another larger lot with many more flowers. But still. You can't sneeze at an extra 3 grand with you have two little ones on the way.

And they're here. Stellar gives birth to a baby boy. Meet Midnight Roswell. But where is Orion?

Well at almost the same time, Orion is in the other room giving birth to a daughter. Meet Moonlight Roswell.

Starr, with one hobby plaque for fitness, a secondary aspiration of pleasure and several scholarships heads off to college leaving mom and dad to take care of their own mess.

And yes, it is a mess. Because who is Midnight's father? That would be none other than custom townie Justin Night. Risky woohoo takes another victim. Well at least the baby is green. Orion may never know. Not unless one of the half dozen guest who where in the house at the time tell him that is.

The Roswell House 1

  • Orion Roswell - adult - Family/Knowledge - have 6 grandkids (4 biological kids - no grandkids) - working as a Education Minister
  • Stellar Roswell - adult - Popularity/Romance - permanent platinum - working as The Law
  • Starr Roswell - teen - Knowledge/Pleasure - Adventurer - off to college
  • Midnight Roswell - baby
  • Moonlight Roswell - baby


ASimWen said...

GAH! The alien gets abducted. LOLL too funny. I love Risky. *sigh*

ciyrose said...

That risky woohoo can really catch up to you. How did you make so much money with the flowerbeds?