Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Lancaster House 1

The Lancaster House - Grandpa James Lancaster (Popularity), Grandson Zackary Lancaster (Fortune/Knowledge), his wife Liza Dante Lancaster (Fortune/Knowledge), & her daughter Lucia.
James took it pretty hard finding out that he had a son he didn't know about. But there is nothing you can do about the past. You can only move forward. So Grandpa James gave up romancing the neighborhood women and instead became the main provider for little Lucia. James and Lucia are best buds. James has taught little Lucia all of her toddler skills.

That's because mom and dad have been busy with their careers. Zack is trying to see how many lifetime wants he can accomplish in a season. First he topped the adventure field. New ltw - 100k. Then he topped the showbiz field. Then he topped the Art field. That pushed him over the 100k mark. Can't remember what ltw he got after that but we'll try to accomplish it in the fall.
Identical twins? No. Just brothers. I knew that the outfit Adrian Lancaster rolled into out of college looked familiar. Now I know why.
Sad news. James Lancaster, leader of the founding Lancaster clan, passed away in platinum at the age of 72. James left money behind to 18 people. We will miss you James. In your memory, we will use the money you left us to build a basketball court and help us earn a wishing well.
Zack wants a baby. Time to talk the wife into it. And if she won't agree. Risky woohoo to the rescue.
Lucia Lancaster become a child. Sorry to say this but you can tell there are no true Lancaster genes at work here. She's just a little homely if you ask me but I'm sure she'll grow into it. If the Burton girls can grow into their looks, then there is hope for anyone.

Zack manages to get his woman knocked up. She had morning sickness well into the second trimester. No idea why.
Awww. Isn't she so cute in her ballet outfit. I am loving the ballet bar. Kids learning body points all by themselves. I'll have to put one in every house.
James stops by to say hi. HI James!

Finally, Liza gives birth to a son. Meet Lamar Lancaster.

On a sad note - at least to me - Lamar doesn't have his father's skin tone. I'm really disappointed about that. The first time he was born - yes he was born twice - he did have his dad's skin tone. But then my computer crashed before I could even name him. Second time around I still got a boy but no orange skin. Maybe next time.

One a positive note, I finally figured out why my game was crashing all the time after I installed FT. About the same time, I also updated my Norton anti-virus. I have never had a problem with Norton before but now I have "The Crash" problem. I finally figured out that if I take my computer offline, turn off Norton in FOUR different placed and then restart my computer, I can play my sims without any problems. If I try to play with Norton still on, the game crashes approximately every two hours. Doesn't sound like much but my game crashed three times while playing the Roswell house and another two times playing this house before I finally got things sorted. Now I'm a happy camper as far as playing goes but this is why I have fallen so far behind with blogging. All that turning on and off is a might annoying.

The Lancaster House 1

  • Zackary Lancaster - adult - fortune/knowledge - permanent platinum - working as a Visionary
  • Liza Dante Lancaster - adult - fortune/knowledge - Chef of Staff - working as a General Practitioner
  • Lucia Lancaster - child
  • Lamar Lancaster - baby

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