Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Roswell House 2

The Roswell House: Louthor Roswell (Family) & Aquamarine Rosada (Family/Popularity).

Louthor and Aquamarine are back from college and moving into their own lot. Fur really turns Louthor on and after a good mouth full, he and Aquamarine marry in a very private joining ceremony out in the front yard.

Louther has started his puppy raising campaign. His lifetime want is to raise 20 puppies or kittens. I've actually never accomplished this so here goes nothing. Louther has rescued or been given 6 puppies to start with. Unfortunately all of the puppies in the neighborhood are coming out of just two houses so most of these guys are related. Ok. Honestly I don't care. There won't be much puppy raising after I get this LTW out of the way. I love real pets but not sim pets. They just tend to annoy me.

Louthor and Aqua both take jobs in the Education field. On the same day, both are promoted to Education Ministers. This completes Aqua's LTW. They then both took jobs in the natural science field.

Aqua isn't actually working though. She's staying home and tending the garden while on maternity leave. You will recall that Louther's father Orion wants six grandkids. Well we all must do our fair share to help others in need.

When the puppies become adults, Louthor sales a couple and sends the rest to the pound. He then adopts another six puppies. Not at the same time mind you. It's slightly staggered. Six down and so very many more to go.

Aquamarine gives birth outside beneath the fruit trees. She has a girl. Welcome Isis Roswell to the neighborhood. Isis is named for the goddess of nature, the moon and fertility. Since she was born beneath a fruit tree, it just seemed fitting.

Louthor loves his little girl. He loves his wife. He loves his puppies. And, miracle of miracles, he didn't get abducted by aliens even though there was a telescope on the lot. Just not one on the front porch. Distance is important.

The Roswell Family

  • Louthor Roswell - Family - raise 20 puppies - to many more to go - working as dinosaur cloner
  • Aquamarine Rosada Roswell - Family/Popularity - PP - working as dinosaur cloner
  • Isis Roswell - baby


ASimWen said...

Awww! Cute little fruit baby! And...yes...wonder of abduction. lol

ciyrose said...

Isis is a cutie!