Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Monterey House 2

Monterey House 2: Janice Monterey Yessam (Family), Rich Yessam (Popularity), Gabriel Monterey (Knowledge), Geron Monterey (Knowledge), Abigail Yessam (child), & Zorah Yessam (child)

The twins, Gabriel and Geron Monetery, took the money their grandmother left them and invested in some old junk cars. Although the love their mother greatly, the never have really embraced her second husband. It seems to them that he's good at knocking their mother up but not so good at taking care of the house and making improvements. Since this house will one day belong to one of them, they have taken it upon themselves to earn some extra cash and then fix the place up. And who will the house go to? Well that's still to be decided.

Janice and Rich are oblivious to this of course. They are to busy with their younger children to pay attention to the teens.

Rich wanted his daughters to go to private school. They invited over the headmaster for dinner to discuss matters. As you can tell, things are a bit laid back at the Finality Springs Institute for Young Minds. That was probably for the best because it made things easier for Rich to talk the guy into letting the kids in. Gabriel, Geron, Abigail and Zorah become the first kids in Finality Springs to go to private school. (I'm just a bit lazy. What can I say?)

The first car is completed. It was sold and more junkers were bought. Before the summer was over, the brothers restored and painted one car for each color. I think it's seven colors but it may just be six. Either way, they fixed up a lot of cars this summer.

Venice Holiday (soon to be Lancaster) stopped by to see all the home improvements. With teenage boys in the house, her visit was definitely noticed.

Janice soon gave birth again. This time it's a boy. Meet Caleb Yessam. This is Janice's seventh child which gives her a spare in her quest to marry off six kids.

The twins worked on the garden. My kids work the garden far more often then their parents.
Just for kicks, I thought that the twins could have an race to see who gets to keep the house. First one to summon aliens wins. Honestly, I didn't think they'd pull it off.

But they did. And the winner, and heir for this house is.... Geron Monterey who was abducted on his first night of alien summoning.

Now there's something you don't see every day. The aliens didn't pick Geron up until after 4 am. They got him home just in time to catch the bus to school.

Can you imagine sitting in class all day after that? I think I'd be pulling the "But mom. I was abducted by aliens." card if it where me.

As summer rolled to an end, young Caleb Yessam becomes a toddler. He is an Aquarius with 2 neat, 5 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful & 10 nice. Finally. I nice kid for the neighborhood. To bad he's such a slob. Am I asking to much for both neatness and niceness?

The last night of summer, the twins try to wrap up their love connections from the spring. Gabriel gets Hallie Ashski to come over for a date. They are a 3 bolt couple and will head off to college together.

Brother Geron tried repeatedly to get his three bolt spring girlfriend Temperance Kirkendall to pick up the phone. All he needed was one phone conversation to make them best friends so that she could come with him to college. Well you should have answered the phone girl. Now it's to late. Geron used the wishing well to find another three bolter in the form of Starrie Night. So he's taking her to college with him instead. You snooze you loose and all that.

And thus raps up another round here and Monterey 2. One more round of Janice and Rich in charge before Geron arrives back in the winter season to take over the household. Gabriel will more than likely take over Monterey 1.

The Monterey Family

Janice Monterey Yessam - adult - Family - marry off 6 kids - (7 kids, one married) - working as a city council member
Rich Yessam - adult - Popularity - become mayor - working as a city council member
Geron Monterey - Knowledge - off to college
Gabriel Monterey - Knowledge - off to college
Zorah Yessam - child
Abigail Yessam - child
Caleb Yessam - toddler


ASimWen said...

Caleb definetly looks like Rich.

ciyrose said...

You sure do have a ton of 3-bolt couples in this town. Pretty amazing. lol -- you snooze you loose! :)