Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 5 - Rosada House

Rosada House: Amethyst Rosada (Fortune/Knowledge), Danielle Rosada (Pleasure/Romance) and Beryl Rosada (child).

Well Dani is back from college and looking to have a good time. More dream dates. That's what she wants. Well that and Dakota Holiday. Now technically he's married. And maybe it's bad of me but I let them have a few dream dates. After all, they both keep rolling up wants to be with each other. (Bad Gypsy!) Hopefully this will just get it out of their system.

Darn. I had forgotten all about that. Well that tends to put a damper on the evening. Still that's three more quick dream dates which puts our total to 44.

Amethyst made a bad call on a chance card and gets demoted. Bummer that.

With a knowledge second aspiration she still isn't rolling up people related wants which for some reason just drives me nuts. She did roll up the want to woohoo in a bed so I called up an old friend from her college days and they got to it. Now that she's got that out of her system all she wants to do is learn new skills. I should be happy. I know this. And yet I am so disappointed in her.

Mom. I'm home. Look. Perfect grades. Just like you did in college. Mom. Mom could you please close the book and at least look at me. I am your one and only child. Couldn't you at least remember I'm alive?

Well Dani is a people person in a completely different sort of way. Another wishing well dream date. This brings us to 45.

Dakota brings us a dance spear. I'm not sure where we'll put it on this tiny little lot but I'll come up with something.

Another wishing well dream date. This brings us to 46. Oh. Did I forget to mention that risky woohoo had struck. I would have thought that would be a given.

Are you sure I can't feed her to a cow plant? Burn her alive? What if a satellite just happened to fall from the sky?
Poor Beryl. Such a solitary little guy. I feel so bad for him. Always having to fend for himself.
Danielle gives birth to TWIN girls. Meet Ruby and Opal Rosada. Ruby has her mom's pink eyes. Opal has grey eyes. Andre Holiday gets two more grandbabies. Maybe that super fertility really does work.

Well. Back to it. Adrian Lancaster (who is suppose to be marrying her sister) gives Dani 3 more dream dates. That brings our total to 49. Unfortunately that's where it remains. We'll have to pick up one more dream date this winter.

Yeah. I know. She shouldn't be dating men who are taken. Well at least she likes people. She doesn't act like a bump on the log like you. Annoying sim that you are.

Beryl becomes a teen. He is a family sim who wants to be an education minister.

And finally, Dani gets to actually work and becomes a cult leader. Somehow I can actually see that.

Come back this winter when I prove I can control my impulses and not kill my most annoying sim.


ASimWen said...

Yay more twins! Yep, Dani looks good as a cult leader.

Melissa said...

Love seeing all these Sims mixed up in a new/different/exciting way. Yeah, population control doesn't seem to be your strong suit. LOL.

ciyrose said...

LOL....that was a funny entry. Poor kid, is it any wonder he became a Family sim? That way he can build his own family that will know he's alive.