Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 5 - University

Time for a tour of through the greek house. 19 kids came through this season. That's way more than I would have liked. So here is a quick run down of the comings and goings.

Aspen Holiday (Family) and Starr Roswell (Knowledge/Pleasure) have been an item from the start. Aspen graduated with a major in Biology. Starr with a major in literature. The two are now engaged to be married. They will be moving back to Finality Springs and starting up yet another Holiday House. Yes. I'm a glutton for punishment. These two will hopefully help both their fathers get those 6 grandkids they want and should be the couple who produces the first child of generation three.
Angelica Monterey (Romance/Family) brought her boyfriend Parker Jonas (Romance) to college with her. Angelica wants 20 loves but I'm ignoring that for now. Parker wants to be a rock god. The couple were engaged their senior year. They will be starting a new house. Hopefully their marriage will survive the number of romance sims currently living in the neighborhood.
Ambrel Monterey (Pleasure/Grilled Cheese) and her boyfriend Adam Breakosi (Romance/Pleasure) both studied art in college. They both have nice safe career based LTWs which is nice. They too will be starting a new house this winter.
Sasha Burton (Romance/Pleasure) wants 20 loves but she spent most of her time studying literature. Boyfriend Amar Hamilton (Romance/Pleasure) also wants 20 loves but spent his time studying math. The two are destined for their own house this winter. I'm assuming that it's the pleasure 2nd aspirations that's giving them good memories of their engagement. If you ask me those rings are spinning up some weird colors post FT.

Sawyer Burton (Pleasure/Grilled Cheese) studied art while in college. His future wife, Iris Harlord (Romance/Fortune) studied biology. In a strange twist of fate (or glitchy LTW if you prefer), Iris wants to have 6 kids get married someday. I decided to just go with it. Not my favorite LTW but something about making a romance sim do it just tickles my fancy. These two will be taking over the Burton house this winter.
Geron Monterey (Knowledge/Romance) and his girl friend Starrie Night (Family) both studied biology. Starrie wants to graduate three kids from college someday. With the way I pop out kids that seems doable. These two are taking over Monterey House # 2 this winter. I just hope there is room.
Truman Evans (no that isn't Cal although it's hard to believe - Fortune) came to college alone. He studied biology. He used the wishing well to find a 3 bolt love in Alexandria Potts. The two are engaged. Truman will be moving back into the Evans house this winter.
Parker Evans (Romance/Family) studied literature although she really wanted to be working on her 20 woohoos. Her boyfriend Janson Knight (romance) studied economics. He wants to be a rock god so I grew his hair to give him that rocker appeal. Janson graduated several semesters before Parker. After he left Parker went to work and got 10 woohoos under her belt (while risky woohoo can't get her). Half of these were townies called up from the wishing well. The other five include her fiance Janson, Mars Roswell, Adam Breakosi, Parker Jonas and Adrian Lancaster. Cat fights may start breaking out around the neighborhood just any time now. Parker and Janson will be starting their own house this winter.
Hailee Ashski came to college with Gabriel Monterey. She was a Family sim who wanted to raise 20 puppies or kittens. Needless to say she had a change of heart her sophomore year. I hated to do it since she had three bolts with Gabriel but I just won't do that again if I don't have to. Hailee is now a Popularity/Grilled Cheese sim who wants to be a hall of famer. Her change dropped her down to two bolts with Gabriel. It caused me to change my way of thinking about a few things. Hailee is now single. I have an idea of what to do with her but no definites. If nothing better comes along, she will probably become a third wheel in one new houses this winter.

Hailee's change opened my eyes to an in neighborhood three bolt hookup. Gabriel Monterey (Knowledge/family) studied biology. Jala Burton (Family/Knowledge) studied art. For some reason I kept thinking that these two were related. Although they do have first cousins in common, they aren't related. They found each other in college. Gabriel took Jala's hand and never looked back. They both have career related LTWs. They will be moving into Monterey House 1 assuming there is room this winter.

These two have made me realize that I should do a better job of hooking up my neighborhood kids. It might even cut down on the neighborhood population. So I vow to try to do better. Who knows. It could happen.

Well that's all from the university. 19 graduates with 4.0 averages in various majors. All greek house members. All secret society members. All big men/women on campus. All blissfully graduated.

BEES! BEES! And I'm allergic.

Can my luck get any worse?

Parker kissing Parker.

Angelica and Ambrel as Charlie's Angels. Actually they're Austin's Angels. If you haven't noticed yet all the kids born in Monterey House one have been given angel names.

Good-bye. So long. Thanks for stopping by. Please tip your server on your way out.


ASimWen said...

Whoo boy! Whatta uni round. That is where I am stuck right now in my Prosperity.

ciyrose said...

Wow....lots of graduates, LOTS of die must really like the number 3. Great job on getting all those kids through college. I have a HUGE uni round coming up soon and am not looking forward to it.