Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Lancaster House 3

Lancaster House: William Lancaster (Family) and Jaela Glissade Lancaster (Knowledge).
Happy newlyweds William and Jaela are expecting their first child. William decides to do a bit of job jumping to earn some extra cash (and to alleviate my boredom).
That is how Jaela got this little toy to play with. I haven't found a single good use for said device yet. The only thing she managed to do was hear neighbors arguing. So? Is this a pointless thing or what? No. Really. I'm asking.
When not working, William did more gardening. Here is another house who needs to downsize the garden area next year.

Here we go again.

Doesn't he just look so sad. Well I didn't tell you to stargaze. You did this all yourself.

Ouch. Well that will teach you. The question is will it teach me. Maybe I need to start deleting a few telescopes. You simmies like them to much and the aliens are getting vicious around here.

Poor guy. William is still thinking about green men the next morning when he heads off to is first day of work. I'm trying to check out the new FT career rewards. I must say, honestly, I've been a bit disappointed thus far.

Jaela gives birth to a bouncing baby boy. Meet Jock Lancaster. He has his mother's skin tone but this father's eyes. Honestly, the orange Lancaster skin isn't fairing so well. Maybe it'll jump back into the next generation or something.

After giving birth, Jaela heads back to work and is promoted of chief of staff. This completes her first life time goal. Now she wants to be the hand of Poseidon.

William starts maternity leave. Yes. He's still harvesting those blasted veggies.

Jaela becomes the hand of Poseidon and passes the 100k mark. Her third LTW is to become the head of the scia.

Awww. Cute baby alert. Jock becomes a toddler. He's a sagittarius with 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful & 1 nice. Well. At least he's cute.

Maybe I could just move them. Maybe not sell them but just move them to the back 40. Stick them in an unused corner of the lot somewhere. They definitely need to be taken off the front porch. That's for dang sure.

Oh and let's not forget I have that equal opportunity hack.

More green babies anyone. Seriously. Does anyone know if Free Time drastically increased the abduction rate? Things are getting out of hand.

Join us back this fall when both mom and dad give birth to their alien offspring.

The Lancasters

  • William Lancaster - Family - PP - Working as the Hand of Poseidon
  • Jaela Glissade Lancaster - Knowledge - PP - Working as the Hand of Poseidon
  • Jock Lancaster - toddler


ASimWen said...

I predict the orange skin will be back. It DOES skip generations. Equal opportunity hack?? Where?? I want it. lol It does seem like the aliens come much more than they used to.

aquatami said...

For the equal opportunity hack:

It's an old hack but it still works just fine. Trust me.