Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Holiday House 1

Holiday House: Andre, wife Patrice, sons Aspen (teen), Roman (child), and Welsh (baby).

Back at the main Holiday house, Aspen helps his father Andre put in a family garden. My goal, in case you've missed it thus far, is for every house to have a wishing well. Now that I've figured out how to do this successfully, everyone is getting one. Plus I've found that gardening is a great way for kids to get their fun up after a long day of school. I hate to see them wasting their time with nonsense like, say, video games when they could be doing something useful with their time.
Youngest son Welsh becomes a toddler. Here he is seem swaying to the music. Welsh is a scorpio with 10 neat, 3 outgoing, 9 active, 9 playful & 1 nice. Yep, another paper stealer in the making. But at least he'll be cute while he's doing it.

What? Were you surprised by this. Andre has seven kids. Do you really think he'll settle for less than ten? And yes, I am crazy. That's a given.
Aspen shores up his future with the beautiful Starr Roswell. Their only two bolts but they are together til the end. I haven't done real well with matching up the towns kids but I'm trying to get better. Trying has to count for something.

In a blink of the eye, Welsh is eating solid foods and attending school. Let the paper stealing begin. Hey, Aspen stole the neighborhood papers at his age. Actually he still does. Way to set an example for your younger siblings.

Patrice gives birth to Andre's eighth child. It's a GIRL! Meet Summer Holiday.

Aspen takes the first wish at the families new wishing well. No he doesn't wish for love. He doesn't even wish for money to by new pjs. Aspen wishes for friends. No time like the present to start on the big man on campus friends.

Roman holiday becomes a teen. He has rolled into Popularity and wants to be The Law.

With Summer on the verge of toddlerhood, Andre starts petitioning for child number nine. Will he get it? We'll have to see what the fall season brings.

Holiday House 1

Andre Holiday - adult - Family - 6 grandkids (8 kids & at least 1 grandkid on the way) - working as a College Senior Professor
Patrice Faststein Holiday - adult - Knowledge - criminal mastermind - working as a counterfeiter
Aspen Holiday - teen - Family - golden anniversary - off to college
Roman Holiday - teen - Popularity - The Law
Welsh Holiday - child
Summer Holiday - baby

Odd sighting of the summer: Jaela Glissade Lancaster's search for food.

Ewww. Not that. Please don't eat that. It can't be good for the baby.

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ASimWen said...

Hehehe I love it when I see a Sim sneaking around eating out of trashcans. One of those small things that makes it worth playing the game.