Monday, June 30, 2008

Round 4 - Rosada House

We start Round 4 back at the Rosada house which is beyond a doubt the ugliest house in Finality Springs. It's also the smallest lot at just 2 x 2 so there isn't much to work with. Hopefully someday things will get better here. I'm resisting the urge to move them out and bulldoze the lot. Barely but I'm resisting.
The only two residence at Rosada house are Amethyst Rosada and her son Beryl. Beryl is the illegitimate son of James Lancaster. Of course he doesn't know that. Honestly, most people don't know that Amethyst has a son. She's kept him her well hidden little secret.
Which isn't hard to do since Amethyst is what you would call a loner. She loves working in her garden - when I force her to - or playing computer games late into the night. She never rolls up wants to see people or tend to her child or talk to people. It's really kind of sad. She does have two dogs that are constantly popping puppies - that she then gives away - but she only pays just enough attention to them to keep them among the living. Can you tell that Amethyst and I just aren't the best of buds? If it were allowed I'd feel her to a cow plant.

Well eventually Amethyst's little secret became old enough to start school. Any idiot can tell where Beryl got half of his dna, so I thought it was time for him to meet his father. Amethyst didn't want to but I made her invite over James who brought his grandson Zackary with him for the visit.

SURPRISE! Things were awkward to say the least. Of course there was no denying that Beryl is a Lancaster so the guys spent the day playing chess and getting to know their newest family member. Zackary, meet your uncle Beryl.

While the guys stayed indoors, Amethyst entertained the garden club. Unlike last season, this season she had improved her little garden enough to earn her family a wishing well.

Not much more happened here at the Rosada house. Amethyst has just learned that her sister Danielle will be moving back home this fall. Beryl is still in public school because I've been to lazy to invite over the headmaster. Amethyst just wants to earn more MONEY!

Rosada House 1

  • Amethyst Rosada - adult - permanent platinum - working as a Blockbuster Director
  • Beryl Rosada - child

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ASimWen said...

Great job on the Garden Club! Yeah, I have played Amethyst Rosada...dry, to say the least.