Sunday, June 1, 2008

Round 3 - Lancaster House 2

Brendon Lancaster (Popularity - Captain Hero) and his longtime girlfriend Iris Faststien (Popularity - Media Magnet) returned to Finality Springs after college and purchased this lovely home. {I never claimed to be a builder}

Brendon quickly got a job in Education. In no time he as an Education Minister. Apparently there are several of those around town. Although Brendon would rather of gone into law enforcement, there was a temporary hiring freeze so his big dreams of becoming Captain Hero will just have to wait for a little while.

Iris took a job as an artist. In no time she was being called a Visionary by those in the know. Although the money was great she eventually gave up the art world to pursue a life in journalism. Apparently that was just where she needed to be because in no time she found herself a Media Magnet. An extremely happy one at that.

After reading a how to guide online, Brendon and Iris set about to earn the coveted Wishing Well. They succeeded and would like to thank Wen personally for all her helpful advise.

Being popularity sims, Brendon and Iris spent most of the summer entertaining old friends and making new ones.

By summers end, Brendon had thirty best friends and a phone that rings nonstop.

Iris also has thirty best friends. Many of them overlap so really I'd say we have about forty some odd best friends between them.

With nothing better to do, Brendon started thinking that he should make an honest woman out of Iris. He asked. She accepted. The wedding will hopefully be this fall.

After all, Iris needs to become a Lancaster before that nasty risky woohoo takes another victim.

Well that's all from Lancaster 2. Until next time.

Lancaster House 2

Brendon Lancaster - Popularity - Captain Hero - working as Education Minister

Iris Faststien - Popularity - permanent platinum - working as a Media Magnet

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Melissa said...

Nice to see Iris all growed up. LOL. I haven't played that neighborhood in ages. I think she's still a child in mine.