Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 3 - Montery House 3

Joey Monterey returns from college and quickly calls up the lovely Jacquelyn Blair. He asks her to move in with him. She accepts. She brings not nearly enough cash with her but Joey doesn't care. They build themselves a lovely little house and set to work becoming a lovely little couple.

Jacquelyn Blair - downtownie - Knowledge sim who would like to become a criminal mastermind - Virgo with 9 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful and 5 nice.

Things become very physical with the young couple very quickly. Of course with his mother Janice living just next door, you had to know that marriage was just around the corner.

Joey and Jacquelyn eventually married in a private ceremony in the kitchen. Yes it was casual dress and no Janice Monterey Yessam was not invited. And now there are two Jackie Montereys in Finality Springs.

The young couple then went to work maximizing their skills. It's all work and very little play for these two.

Things were going well for Joey until a bad choice caused a demotion. Darn cards.

Things went better for Jackie as she managed to max all her skills. She also got a 10k bonus at work. Plans for the summer include expanding the house to include a nursery.

The Monterey House 3

Joey Moneterey - Adult - Knowledge - Media Magnet - working in the Media field but I forget what job

Jacquelyn Blair Monterey - Adult - Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind - worlking in the criminal field

Round 3 - Holiday House 2

Destin Holiday and Hedwig Busto moved back to Finality Springs with college degrees and big dreams. They also had really hideous clothing that just had to go. Now they're a matching set. Aren't they just precious?

Destin quickly joined the neighborhood gaming enthusiasts club. No one bothered to tell him it was the Senior Gaming Enthusiasts Club. Mamma Monterey threatened anyone who did. She likes the scenery to much.

Things were pretty slow go at first. Hedwig couldn't find a job in her preferred field so she just hung around the house talking to friends on her cell phone. Destin got a job in law enforcement. The nights were theirs and theirs alone. They weren't married. There wasn't any reason to hurry in to anything.

Or was there?
Destin excelled in his career. He soon became a member of the Captain Hero squad. That made him a very happy man indeed. So it was the perfect time for a wedding. You know, before the bride starts to show.

Friends and family came from all around to witness the happy couples big day.

And soon it becomes obvious that I rarely ever pay any attention to the clothing my sims are wearing. Whatever you roll into is generally my motto. But fur in the spring? Danton, really.

Destin and Hedwig were married out in the side yard. They had set up benches for all their guests to be comfortable during the ceremony.

Only Jazz chose to use them. And man does he look good in a uniform.

The rest of the guest preferred to stand around on the porch. Their view was blocked by the side of the house. Of course the father of the groom was to busy sucking face with his wife to care anyway.

After the ceremony, Mr. & Mrs. Holdiay did the usual celebrating. In the rain. Yes the rain. It started raining just before the I dos were said.

But never mind that. As night came so did the fireworks. I have NEVER used the fireworks before so I thought now was the time. Could be the only time so I hope they enjoyed.

The guest didn't bother with sparklers. They just wanted to get their hands on the booze. The toasts were many, varied and bothersome after a while.

Not that the newlyweds noticed. They were to busy for petty things like guests.
Soon, Destin traded in his blue tights for a suit and tie. He became the Education Minister. After all this suit and tie matches his mohawk.

Hedwig finally found a job she liked. Of course she couldn't work it. Pregnancy tends to put you on the bench. So instead she and Destin spent their time talking up a storm. Before it was all over, Destin had 30 best friends. Hedwig is a little bit lagging but she's working on it.

Come back this summer to witness the birth of the first Holiday grandchild. I personally can't wait to see what the little cutie will look like.

Holiday House 2

Destin Holiday - Adult - Popularity - Permanent Platinum - working as Education Minister

Hedwig Busto Holiday - Adult - Popularity - The Law - working as an Entertainment Attorney

Round 3 - Monterey House 2

We are back at the second Monetery house. It's spring. The coldest on record and nobody is happy about it.

Eventually the snow melts and romance starts to bloom. Dakota is dating her true love Nate Daymer. She loves him. Three bolts strike again.

The twins grow into toddlers. Zorah Yessman is a libra with 3 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 7 playful & 9 nice.

Her sister Abigail is a sagittarius with 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 4 nice.

Gratuitous cute dragon shot. Moving on...

As I said earlier, love is in the air and Janice and Rich love each other so much it's almost sickening to watch.
Oh it's not that bad. I know he's not your father. Your father is dead. His ghosts floats around the other Monterey house sometimes. He is her husband. They are happily married. Would you PLEASE get over it. I really hope the twins grow out of this.

Speaking of twins, Abigail and Zorah grow into children. Genetically confused children. They both look pretty much just like this. Black hair (no not custom) and blond eyebrows. It's enough to confuse a controller. So... I gave them both a little makeover. Besides, I couldn't tell them apart otherwise.

Here is Zorah with her custom blue do. Pretty snazzy don't you think?

Abigail went for the custom white locks. It takes a little getting use to but it does grow on you after a while.

The boys also had birthdays and makeovers. Gabriel Monterey is a knowledge sim who longs to be the Education Minister.

His twin brother Geron Monterey is also a knowledge sim who also wants to be the Education Minister. Now you know why they had a makeover. Way to much alike. If they go after the same woman I don't know what I'll do. Let them share?

Well eventually the spring came to a end. Dakota heads off to college with her boyfriend Nate. She has already promised her mother that she'll marry him (or someone) someday. You might also want to learn something while you're there. Leaving with one scholarship for grades isn't exactly a good thing.

The Monterey House 2

Janice Monterey Yessam - Adult - Family - Marry off 6 kids - working as campaign manager (has 6 kids and 0 grandkids)
Rich Yessam - Adult - Popularity - Become Mayor - working as campaign manager
Dakota Monterey - Teen - Popularity - Hall of Famer - off to college
Gabriel Monterey - Teen - Knowledge - Education Minister
Geron Monterey - Teen - Knowledge - Education Minister
Abigail Yessam - child
Zorah Yessam - child

Round 3 - Evans House

Welcome back to Finality Springs. The modest little town is growing up nicely don't you think?

Here at the Evans house, Cal is working towards further promotions. Money is tights (as I'm spending it as fast as he can make it) so promotions are a good thing. Home improvements aren't cheap.

Of course not only was Cal suppose to be working towards his promotion. He was also suppose to be watching out for his youngest daughter MacKenzie. But Cal is obviously more of a hands off type of parent.
So I guess it's a good thing that Shannon has hired a nanny.
Well I guess it's a good thing. Truthfully, this lady scares me. First cheesecake and now this. Some days I think she has it our for the family.
Patches has more puppies. Course they didn't stick around long. The Evans family aren't into raising puppies. They leave that task to someone else. So the nice man at the animal shelter stopped by and picked the little cuties up.

Shannon has finally fulfilled her dream. She is a Rock Goddess. Take that sisters of mine. You may have had my husband (and given birth to his kids) but you shall never be dressed as cool as I am right now. Yeah, it's not at all warm this spring and this outfit lets air into the most embarrassing places.

The twins grow into teens. Truman Evans, heir extraordinaire, is a fortune minded sim. He wants money, money, MONEY!

Twin sister Parker is more romance minded. She wants to land not one but 20 men in her bed someday.
Baby sister MacKenzie starts school. She brings home her cousin and half-sister Ria Burton. They not only look a lot alike but they dress alike.

Well that's it from the Evans house. Join us back next time as we dance our way through summer.

The Evans House

Cal Evans - Adult - Romance - Permanent Platinum - working as a Judge (scary that)

Shannon Burton Evans - Adult - Romance - Permanent Platinum - working as a Rock God

Truman Evans - Teen - Fortune - Earn 100k

Parker Evans - Teen - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims

MacKenzie Evans - child

Round 3 - Burton House

We are back at the Burton house where the theme for the spring is "Let the Celebration Begin". The Witch is gone. The Witch is gone. Thank you Austin. The Witch is Gone.

That's right. No more fighting among sisters as Jackie Burton has married Austin Burton and flown the coop. FINALLY peace reins. At least temporarily.

Also being celebrated is the birthday of Ashley's daughter Ria. Her father is none other than Cal Evans, as if you couldn't tell.
Ria Burton - Aquarius - 5 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 7 playful & 8 nice.

Now although Ashley is happy to see her sister gone, she is not happy. Nothing like a pleasure sim to sink into the doldrums and refuse to come out. So to boost her spirits she asks her colleague Orion Roswell on a date. Yes, he's married. Bad Ashley. But he is available since he came home with her from work. Beggars can't be choosy. And for a gal who wants 50 1st dates, this is date number four. Such a sad life she leads.

Due to spring, Orion's marriage woos and the fact that Ashley will put out for almost anyone, the quiet little date turns into a dream date. Ashley's happy. Orion seems happy. I'm happy. At least for a little while.

The remaining sisters Ashley and Kelly, start working towards promotions. Kelly is still trying to become a celebrity chef and oh how I would love to have one permanent platinum sim in this house.

More celebrating as Ria become a child. The Evans stamp hits hard doesn't it?

Ashley begins having nightmares. I can't be. It couldn't happen. It wasn't that risky. Was it?

Well yes it would appear so. Our little Ashley, who is forced to run the household and take care of all the kids even though it's against her nature, finds herself once again with child. With a married man's child. I'm starting to see a pattern forming with these Burton girls. Perhaps the next generation will be better?

Did you hear? Aunt Ashley is going to have a baby. I can't wait until the baby gets here this summer. (Oh, and neither can I, she says rather sarcastically.)

As the spring comes to an end, Kelly Burton's twin daughters become teens. Finally they start to grow into the Evans looks.

Jala Burton is a family sim who wants to be a celebrity chef like her mom. That is assuming her mom ever makes it that far.

Bailey Burton is a fortune sim. She wants to be The Law someday.

And thus ends the tale of the Burton Women (plus Sawyer the overlooked henpecked Burton male). Join us this summer where we wait to see the color of Ashley's newest baby.

The Burton House

Ashley Burton - Adult - Pleasure - 50 1st dates (4 so far)- working as the Education Minister

Kelly Burton - Adult - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - working as a Restaurateur

(Kelly's Cheesecake Twins with Cal Evans)

Jala Burton - Teen - Family - Celebrity Chef

Bailey Burton - Teen - Fortune - The Law

(Jackie's cheesecake twins with Austn Monterey)

Sawyer Burton - child

Sasha Burton - child

(Ashley's daughter with Cal Evans)

Ria Burton - child