Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Round 2 - Rosada House

As winter begins, Aquamarine has things running smoothly. It's a lot easier to handle things now that the triplets are in school. Aqua has taken over the fishing duties to help pay the bills. She is fishing as much as she can before winter truly takes over the neighborhood.

Eventually there is no more fishing but instead there is a SNOW DAY! The girls catch up on their homework and manage to get into wonderful moods.

As the winter starts to fade the triplets share a birthday. Ariana becomes a knowledge minded young lady who would love to be a criminal mastermind someday.

Brigid is also very into knowledge. She wants to know everything possible.

Danielle, however, had to be different. She wants to be popular and own 5 top level businesses. Ugh!

On the last evening of winter, Amethyst returns home from college. Her sisters are thrilled to see her of course and the money she managed to save while in college. That second bathroom is worth it's own celebration. Amethyst quickly finds a job in athletics. She then calls up James and asks him out on a date. She hasn't seem much of him lately and she has missed him terribly.

It was a lovely dream date. Just the sort of thing to make a girl feel good to be back in the neighborhood.

Assuming that her sisters could manage on their own now, Aquamarine heads off to college where she will eventually meet up with her steady boyfriend Louthor Roswell. She hopes to finally have a little fun before coming back with Louthor and starting a family of her own.

I'm not sure that Amethyst set the best example on her first night home. Hopefully the Rosada sisters will somehow make it through what could be an interesting spring.

Amethyst Rosada - Fortune - Athletics - home from college
Aquamarine Rosada - Family - Education - off to college
Ariana - knowledge - criminal
Brigid - knowledge - max all skills
Danielle - popularity - 5 top level businesses (don't be surprised to see her rerolled in college)

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