Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 3 - Rosada House

Hi. It's me, Brigid Rosada, here to tell you all about the Rosada family's spring season. First of all, what is it with all these boys around here? I've been trying to let them down easy but they just aren't taking the hint. It's not that I wouldn't like to have a boyfriend but quite frankly I just don't have time. Neither do my sisters. You see when we aren't preparing for starting college this summer, we are taking care of our older sister. I know. It's not the way things are suppose to be but it is. Amethyst is a handful and she seems incapable of taking care of herself.

Well things started off ok. She got her dream job. She became a Hall of Famer. Yeah her. She said she was happy. Permanently platinum happy. So silly us, we didn't realize immediately that she would soon be causing us so much grief.

But then it began. First it was just a little weight gain. Then it was maternity clothes. We aren't dumb you know. We knew she was pregnant but she never once said a word. Instead she went out and bought us all cell phones. Nice of her right? Wrong! It was her was of insuring that we would be at her beck and call 24/7. Turns out my sister Amethyst is just a little selfish. Ok, maybe a lot selfish. Ariana was the first to spot this trait. Danielle concurred. I didn't want to believe it but eventually the truth just hits you in the face.

Amethyst took to arranging flowers. We were all wondering why she wasn't arranging a wedding. She must love old man Lancaster if she made a baby with him right? Well maybe not. She talked to him on the phone a few times but I don't think he even knew about the baby. My other sisters and I thought about telling him but in the end we decided to stay out of it. Besides, we didn't really have time to straighten out her messy life. We were to busy cleaning the house, cooking the food, paying the bills, doing our homework and lets not forget studying for college. Now do you understand why none of us are dating?

The middle of spring, Amethyst gave birth to a baby boy. She named him Beryl Rosada. It's weird having a boy in the house. It's just been us girls for so long. So now you can add diaper changes and baby feeding to the list of the things my sisters and I are doing. Amethyst is to busy with other things.

Like improving our yard. Do we need a strawberry garden? Amethyst thinks so. Of course it's Danielle who has been weeding the darn garden. So anyway, Amethyst invited over the local garden club. She is now a member. They were so impressed by her lovely garden that they gave her $1012 to help make improvements. I personally think that Danielle deserves the money but I won't bother asking Amethyst. She would just find me some other chore to do. She acts like we're her personal slave labor. I love her but I'd really like to ring her neck sometimes.

Especially after she brought home the dogs. Two of them. Renauldo and Altha. Amethyst got Renauldo a job in show business. Then she went and got herself a job in show business. It was the straw that buried the camel as far as Ariana was concerned. Danielle, being Danielle, helped Amethyst train the pests.. um I mean pets. I stayed clear of that trap. I'll clean the house but I'm not cleaning her dogs.

As summer approached, Beryl became a toddler. He is a very active and outgoing child. I really feel sorry for him though. It doesn't seem like the poor baby is going to get a chance to know his daddy. I know how that feels like. At least Amethyst has been teaching him how to walk and stuff. It's something.

But not enough for Ariana. She was the first to head off to college. It's not that we don't love Amethyst, but we have just had a very trying spring. We are ready to try life on our own.

Danielle headed off to college next. I stayed until last. I hired a maid to come and clean up after Amethyst and then I high tailed it out of there. I just wish I could stop worrying about her. Ariana tells me I'm just to nice and I should just get over it. I'm trying. Really I am.

But I just had to call home after I arrived at La Fiesta State and check in on Amethyst. I found out that after we left, Amethyst tried to wash the pests and was struck by lightning. And not just once either. Twice. She could have been killed. I'm telling you, she can't take care of herself. And if she can't managed that, how will Beryl ever survive? And how am I going to make it through four years of college without worrying myself to death?

The Rosada House:

Amethyst Rosada - fortune - permanent platinum - working as a blockbuster director

Beryl Rosada - toddler

Ariana Rosada - knowledge - criminal mastermind - off to college

Brigid Rosada - knowledge - max 7 skills - off to college

Danielle Rosada - popularity - 5 top level businesses - off to college

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