Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 2 - Monterey House 1

Well I guess you've come back to see how an old woman is getting on right? Well let me tell you, things have been a bit interesting around here lately.

First off, my son Austin, went and asked Jackie Burton to marry him. Surprised? So was I. All I can figure is he's trying to line up a moma for those girls of his before I die. I think Cornelia Roswell's passing shook him up a bit. He's started looking towards the future. I had hoped he was planning to get his life together. Start acting like a mature man. Become a good father for little Angelica and Ambriel. Marriage is a good start. I just wish he hadn't chosen HER.

Now I know that Jackie is a she devil. She hurt that poor Cal Davis something awful. I just know she's going to hurt my baby boy too. Oh she can play the nice girl when she wants to but I'm not buying it. She's just waiting to get the gold band on her finger. Then she'll tear my poor little Austin's heart all to pieces. She's probably playing him false behind his back right now.

I'm not sure I like the way she's cozying up to the girls. She pretends to care for her future step daughters but I'm not buying it. Cal told me all about her and I'm not letting her take me in. I've tried to talk to Austin about her. Tried to convince him she's not the right girl for him. Course he's not big on listening to his moma.

He's to busy listening to all the 'other' women in town. I'm ashamed to say it but I think my boy may already be cheating on that snake Jackie. Oh I hate to think that neither of them are planning on being faithful to each other. What kind of life is that? What kind of message will Austin be sending his daughters? They are growing up so fast and they see everything around them. Especially the things you wish they didn't see.

At least the girls aren't seeing most of what that son of mine is doing. He's usually off in the big city meeting more women. Always with the women. Won't he ever settle down?

I wouldn't know the half of what my Austin does if it wasn't for my Cal. He always keeps me informed on what that son of mine is doing. I'm not sure Austin likes it that his Mama knows what he's up to.
Oh he chases the old women. He chases the younger girls. Now he's bought himself a cell phone. He's got 30 women's phone numbers on speed dial. I checked. Some of them are married. Others are engaged. What is he trying to do? Does he want every man in the neighborhood gunning for him? I don't want to have to move again. I'm just to old for that.
Well eventually the girls started school. Little Angelica is just so lovely. If only she were just a bit nicer.
Course I shouldn't complain. She is nicer than her sister Ambriel. But neither are overly outgoing so maybe they won't get themselves into kind of trouble that my Austin stays in.
Oh he's got women coming in and out of the house at all hours. Sometimes he forgets that one is still here when he starts messing with the other. If only he'd listen to his moma. Find a good solid girl and settle down.

At least all the twins have to worry about is upsetting the local wildlife.

Well that's all I'm saying for now. Maybe my boy will have shaped up before we talk again.

Monterey House 1

Mamma Monterey - Family - Captain Hero - unemployed
Austin Monterey - Romance - woohoo 20 sims - Party DJ
Ambriel Monterey - child
Angelica Monterey - child

Austin's conquests:
1. Jackie Burton
2. Shannon Burton Davis
3. Cornelia Roswell
4. Hedwig Busto
5. Amethyst Rosada
6. Madalyn Jones
7. Marilla Harlord
8. Janice Monterey
9. Stellar Roswell

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ciyrose said...

Looks like Austin is well on his way to that LTW