Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 3 - Monterey House 1

Note: Play with Bon Voyage expansion pack begins here.

We are back at the Montery House where our hero (or anti-hero if you prefer) is attempting to fulfill his lifetime want of woohoo with 20 different women. You may recall that our hero (Austin, Austin Montery) has already had nine women before coming into the spring. With spring being the season of love, the names quickly start adding up.

1) Jackie Burton 2) Shannon Burton Evans 3) Cornelia Roswell 4) Hedwig Busto 5) Amethyst Rosada 6) Madalyn Jones 7) Marilla Harlord 8) Janice Monterey 9) Stellar Roswell 10) River Tam

Of course the waters of love do not always run smoothly for our hero. Oh no. The man was slapped down on more than one occasion. Public hot tub woohoo will do that to a guy. That's why his weapon of choice is a photo booth.

11) Contessa Kristy Brooks 12) Liza Dante 13) Inara Tam 14) Jacquelyn Blair 15) Aquamarine Rosada 16) Jessamyn Cantrell 17) Coqui Vega 18) Amber Breakosi 19) Aimee Riberio 20) Lori Hart (aka the Diva)

With his 20 woohoos under his belt, our hero begins the long and sometimes painful journey of making up with his fiance. Yes, begging is required. Keep in mind though it's spring. It's so much easier to sweet talk your way out of these situations in the spring.

With a perfect mood and a somewhat forgiving fiance, our hero begins his journey towards 30 loves. He stops woohooing each and every one at this point. No reason to increase his chance of getting caught. That seems to happen quite enough without it.

Yes, angry women follow our hero around where ever he goes. Not that he cares. Oh no. For our hero is just one woman shy of obtaining what once seemed impossible.

21) Jacquelyne McBride 22) Abigail Ribeiro 23) Patrice Holiday 24) Moana Te Waiata 25) Lucille Osage 26) Rosamarie Houston 27) Renee Black 28) Cathleen Flanagan 29) Aura Fromage

And at long last, our hero reaches the end of his journey. And what a sweet journey (at least for him) it has been.

Austin Montery falls in love with victim number thirty, Shauna Tompkins. The name that will go down in infamy.

And so it is done. TG! For I, your lowly reporter of the news, just couldn't take any more. At long last our hero leaves the thrill of the downtown community lots behinds and heads for home. Home, not the place our hero prefers to be, but definitely the place I want him to stay. At least until some of those thirty afore mentioned women calm down some.

Back at the homestead, Austin invites over his lady love. Yes, it is spring. No, he only invited over Jackie. Let the stalking begin.

Austin Monterey married Jackie Burton in a very private ceremony out in the front yard. His mother could have attended but chose not to. She just doesn't like that evil Jackie girl.

Jackie Burton Monterey moved in with her new husband, his mother and his twin daughters. She left her set of twins behind to be raised by her sisters. She's just loving and caring that way.

The twins settled in well to having a stepmother. After all, they have seen women traipsing in and out of the house, at all hours of the night, for the extent of their short lives.

The honeymoon night was a wild one filled with just one round of risky woohoo. Austin is a wise man to already be worrying about the results.

Of course the house is soon distracted by the twins birthday. Angelica Monterey has rolled into romance like her father. She can't wait to have 20 loves of her own someday. (Aspirin? Anyone?)

Sister Aubriel wants pleasure. That and to become a celebrity chef someday. (At last the fates smile down on me.)

And where has Mamma Monterey been during all the commotion? Why digging for her supper that's where. Money was tight in the Monterey house. At least is was until Austin made 75K on some furry little bunnies on film. Now Mamma can stop digging and harass her son like all good mothers should.

The honeymoon woohoo produced twins. Natural twins due to risky woohoo. You don't honestly think I'd have let her near cheese cake do you? Sometimes I really think I should ditch that hack but then I never do.

Daughter Arela Monterey has her mothers brown hair. Son Angelo Monterey is blond like his dad.

Our hero finishes off the spring in true heroish style by becoming a professional party guest.

Join us next time as our hero takes on fatherhood. Yes I know he already had four kids but it's not like he actually participated in anything but the making. This time I think I'll make him work for it. Well, until next time.

The Monterey House 1

Mamma Monterey - Elder - Family - Captain Hero - unemployed

Austin Monterey - Adult - Romance - Permanent Platinum - Professional Party Guest

Jackie Burton Monterey - Adult - Pleasure - Top Gamer - working as a Guild Leader

Aubriel Monterey - Teen - Pleasure - Celebrity Chef

Angelica Monterey - Teen - Romance - 20 Loves

Arela Monterey - baby

Angelo Monterey - baby

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