Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 3 - Evans House

Welcome back to Finality Springs. The modest little town is growing up nicely don't you think?

Here at the Evans house, Cal is working towards further promotions. Money is tights (as I'm spending it as fast as he can make it) so promotions are a good thing. Home improvements aren't cheap.

Of course not only was Cal suppose to be working towards his promotion. He was also suppose to be watching out for his youngest daughter MacKenzie. But Cal is obviously more of a hands off type of parent.
So I guess it's a good thing that Shannon has hired a nanny.
Well I guess it's a good thing. Truthfully, this lady scares me. First cheesecake and now this. Some days I think she has it our for the family.
Patches has more puppies. Course they didn't stick around long. The Evans family aren't into raising puppies. They leave that task to someone else. So the nice man at the animal shelter stopped by and picked the little cuties up.

Shannon has finally fulfilled her dream. She is a Rock Goddess. Take that sisters of mine. You may have had my husband (and given birth to his kids) but you shall never be dressed as cool as I am right now. Yeah, it's not at all warm this spring and this outfit lets air into the most embarrassing places.

The twins grow into teens. Truman Evans, heir extraordinaire, is a fortune minded sim. He wants money, money, MONEY!

Twin sister Parker is more romance minded. She wants to land not one but 20 men in her bed someday.
Baby sister MacKenzie starts school. She brings home her cousin and half-sister Ria Burton. They not only look a lot alike but they dress alike.

Well that's it from the Evans house. Join us back next time as we dance our way through summer.

The Evans House

Cal Evans - Adult - Romance - Permanent Platinum - working as a Judge (scary that)

Shannon Burton Evans - Adult - Romance - Permanent Platinum - working as a Rock God

Truman Evans - Teen - Fortune - Earn 100k

Parker Evans - Teen - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims

MacKenzie Evans - child

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