Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 3 - University

And we're back at the greek house. This rounds group of college students includes Dakota Holiday, his teen love Rosario Vega, Louthor Roswell and Aquamarine Rosada. Dakota and Rosario are another of the neighborhoods 3 bolt couples post make-over. She wasn't my choices but he wanted her and I eventually caved in. I suppose they do make a cute couple.

Aqua and Louthor are only a two bolt couple. This is actually a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait to see the kids these two are going to make.

Yes, Louthor has already asked Aqua for her hand in marriage. No shock there since he's been planning on joining with her since they were teens. Aqua of course said yes.

Yes Dakota, I expect you to learn while in college. Otherwise what's the point of going. Wait. Don't answer that.

That's practically cheating. Year two reaps the benefits of the egg plants planted by year one. Oh well. Ya snooze ya lose. I guess you won't have to study so much after all.

WHAT? I told you to greet the guy not ATTACK the guy.

I'm shocked as well. Your future partner, Mr. Three-Bolt Holiday is just around the corner harvesting the egg plants. You don't even have one bolt for this dude. Wench! For that it's off to the bookcase with you. You'll be able to fix any broken item in the house by the time I let you run loose again.

Eventually it's time to start pledging up the next round of college students. Having relatives already in the greek house helps speed things along.

And just like that things are hopping at the greek house. Our newest pledges will be members in no time. I just wish the lot was bigger because I don't have room for anything else.

Eventually it's graduation time. Louthor Roswell graduates with a 4.0 in Biology. He's off to find a home for his future wife and his future puppies. Ok, maybe a kid or two also.

Aquamarine Rosada graduates with a 4.0 in Biology. It may be a little warm back home to wear the fur but I guess if you've got it flaunt it.

More new students to get pledged up. There are a lot of uncontrolled neighborhood kids running around right now. They are doing things that I hadn't planned on them doing. Things could get interesting.

Ah hell. I've completely lost control.

The food poisoning epidemic begins. So far it's only hit the Maxis-Made college townies which is good I guess. Messy though. Oh so messy.

Dakota Holiday graduates with a 4.0 in Biology. Yet another Holiday house is just around the corner.

His main squeeze Rosario Vega also graduates with a 4.0 in Biology. Yes Biology was a popular choice this go round. I'm sure there was no copying of the homework though. All four of our graduates were also members of the secret society and big men on campus.

And here is where we leave the greek house for now. Join us next time when we see exactly how insane things can get. Hey, someone go plant a strawberry crop. I think I may need it.

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