Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 2 - Lancaster House

Well it's me, James Lancaster, back to report on the state of the great Lancaster family. Well we are all fine here. Yes sir we are. I was really sad to hear about old Cornelia Roswell passing. So sad that. I like to think I helped make her final years a little brighter. Course I didn't really see her much there at the end. Been busy with this and that don't you know. But hearing about Cornelia reminds me of my own mortality. My days are numbered now, yes they are. Guess that's why I'm spending so much time around Amethyst Rosada. She makes me feel young. That she does. Now I told myself, James, that girl is just to young for you. You got to let her be. But when she got back from college, she called me. It'd be rude to just ignore her call. So I'm dating a much younger woman. At least now the twins have become teens. With them done grown, or near abouts, it gives me more time to enjoy my golden years. Why not enjoy them with Amethyst?

Like I said the boys done got older. Adrian, well he's a romancer that one. Wants to become a professional sports star and snag as many babes as possible along the way. With the Lancaster looks and charm, I don't see that being a problem for the boy.

Now his brother Bryan, he wants money above all else. He wants to go into medicine, don't ya know. As a senior, I can flat tell you there is money to be made there. Yes there is. Can't believe we might have a doctor in the family someday. Wish we had one now. My old back sure does bother me when the wind gets to howling like it is.

There sure are a lot of young folks coming in and out of here at all hours. Now my youngest grandson Bryan, I'm not sure he's got the Lancaster charm flowing in his blood. No. I think that Holiday girl, Venice I think is her name, well I think she plumb scared him coming on to him like she did. She's a bit of a she wildcat that one. If she was a little bit older I'd set my sights on her. RAWR. I'm going to have to give that boy a pep talk and maybe he'll come around.

Well I done set Bryan down and explained a thing or two to him. I invited over the Rosada family. I thought that since Bryan was friends with some of them, maybe he wouldn't be all nervous around them. Not really sure how it went. Had me a little to much fun on my date with Amethyst. The two of us had to take a little napsy.

Well something must have happened with that Holiday girl though. Suddenly her daddy is coming around all the time. He's always given my Bryan the evil eye. It's not like the boy has done anything. Not yet anyway. I think Holiday needs to be getting on back home and keeping an eye on his passel of youngans from there. No need to be coming by and harassing poor Bryan. Not until the boys done something anyways.

Well believe it or not that's all we got going on here at the Lancaster house. My grandson Zachary has done graduated from the university. He's coming back to live with me soon. Ack, I just hope he don't give me no flip about being with Amethyst. I know them two done gone to college together but I'm his grandpa and he had best be minden his manors and respecting his elders don't ya know.

Lancaster Family

James Lancaster - Popularity - Top Law
Adrian Lancaster - Romance - Hall of Fame
Bryan Lancaster - Fortune - Chef of Staff

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