Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 3 - Holiday House 2

Destin Holiday and Hedwig Busto moved back to Finality Springs with college degrees and big dreams. They also had really hideous clothing that just had to go. Now they're a matching set. Aren't they just precious?

Destin quickly joined the neighborhood gaming enthusiasts club. No one bothered to tell him it was the Senior Gaming Enthusiasts Club. Mamma Monterey threatened anyone who did. She likes the scenery to much.

Things were pretty slow go at first. Hedwig couldn't find a job in her preferred field so she just hung around the house talking to friends on her cell phone. Destin got a job in law enforcement. The nights were theirs and theirs alone. They weren't married. There wasn't any reason to hurry in to anything.

Or was there?
Destin excelled in his career. He soon became a member of the Captain Hero squad. That made him a very happy man indeed. So it was the perfect time for a wedding. You know, before the bride starts to show.

Friends and family came from all around to witness the happy couples big day.

And soon it becomes obvious that I rarely ever pay any attention to the clothing my sims are wearing. Whatever you roll into is generally my motto. But fur in the spring? Danton, really.

Destin and Hedwig were married out in the side yard. They had set up benches for all their guests to be comfortable during the ceremony.

Only Jazz chose to use them. And man does he look good in a uniform.

The rest of the guest preferred to stand around on the porch. Their view was blocked by the side of the house. Of course the father of the groom was to busy sucking face with his wife to care anyway.

After the ceremony, Mr. & Mrs. Holdiay did the usual celebrating. In the rain. Yes the rain. It started raining just before the I dos were said.

But never mind that. As night came so did the fireworks. I have NEVER used the fireworks before so I thought now was the time. Could be the only time so I hope they enjoyed.

The guest didn't bother with sparklers. They just wanted to get their hands on the booze. The toasts were many, varied and bothersome after a while.

Not that the newlyweds noticed. They were to busy for petty things like guests.
Soon, Destin traded in his blue tights for a suit and tie. He became the Education Minister. After all this suit and tie matches his mohawk.

Hedwig finally found a job she liked. Of course she couldn't work it. Pregnancy tends to put you on the bench. So instead she and Destin spent their time talking up a storm. Before it was all over, Destin had 30 best friends. Hedwig is a little bit lagging but she's working on it.

Come back this summer to witness the birth of the first Holiday grandchild. I personally can't wait to see what the little cutie will look like.

Holiday House 2

Destin Holiday - Adult - Popularity - Permanent Platinum - working as Education Minister

Hedwig Busto Holiday - Adult - Popularity - The Law - working as an Entertainment Attorney

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