Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 3 - Holiday House 1

Well we're back at Holiday 1 where Andre begins a fitness regime. He has to do something to keep warm. Although it is spring, the snow is still falling and the pond is still frozen. Will it never warm up?

The kids are finding their own way to heat things up. Jazz is in love with Kricket. They are dating constantly as it is the only thing that makes him happy. And he does look happy doesn't he?

Danton stays happy by dating Pania. Our romance sim is in love. Well it is spring. Romance is in the air right beside the snow flakes.

Feeling left out, Venice starts dating Logan Potts. Although she loves him there is a little voice in her head that keeps telling her to date a local boy. If only the voice would go away.

Aspen is to young to date but not to young to think towards the future. He starts spending plenty of time with Starr Roswell. Wouldn't they make a cute couple?

Patrice stays inside and studies to avoid a chill. Pregnant women shouldn't catch a chill you know.

Kricket has such a good time she brings Jazz a telescope. Now his siblings constantly tell him that his girlfriend wants him to be abducted by aliens. Even if she doesn't, I wouldn't mind it, so the telescope goes into storage for future use.

Finally things start warming up outside. It's almost summer before the pond melts which is amazing with all the heat these teens are putting out.

Venice finally listens to that little voice in her head and asks out Bryan Lancaster. They have a wonderful dream date or two and eventually she falls in love with him. Now she has a huge decision to make. Logan Potts or Bryan Lancaster? Or should she just go to college unattached and look for a three bolter there?

I either need to buy a bigger table or Andre needs to stop having kids.

Roman Holiday becomes a child leaving the nursery vacant for all of a day.

Aspen Holiday grows into a family minded teen. He wants a golden anniversary and he shall get what he wants.

Bryan tries to sway Venice by bringing her a lovely dance sphere. Logan never brought her anything and she is a fortune sim so this could well work.

Kricket comes back again and leaves Jazz a piano. To bad for him his dad confiscated it. Poor Danton feels neglected. Pania hasn't left him anything.

After coming back from a mysterious location, Patrice goes into labor.

She gives Andre another son. Meet Welsh Holiday. He appears to be blond with his mother's eyes and his daddy's skin tone.

With spring coming to an end, Danton, Jazz and Venice all head off to college. Andre finally catches Patrice wearing her work gear and wonders if Halloween has come early. Things are flourishing at the Holiday house but we'll have to wait and see what summer may have in store for the towns largest family.

The Holiday Family

Andre Holiday - family - 6 grandkids (currently has 8 kids & 0 grandkids) - working as a high school teacher

Patrice Faststein Holiday - knowledge - criminal mastermind - working as a bank robber

Danton Holiday - romance - celebrity chef - off to college

Jazz Holiday - pleasure - professional party guest - off to college

Venice Holiday - fortune - chief of staff - off to college

Aspen Holiday - family - golden anniversary

Roman Holiday - child

Welsh Holiday - baby

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