Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 2 - Evans House

Hi. Shannon Burton Evans here to give an update on my wonderful family. And by that I mean my husband and children. As far as I'm concerned I am now and only child. They don't call me. I don't call them. The less I know about them and the children they have had by MY husband the better for their health.

Well, mom died. For some reason she left me and Cal some cash. So I went shopping. Cal didn't like it but he doesn't run this household. I do. So I bought a few things I wanted, then I decided to buy the kids a dog. Well I actually came home with two. I bought Truman a big dog named Bruce. I bought Parker a cute little dog named Patches.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course Parker has a mind of her own. She takes after her mother of course. She has laid claim of Bruce. Well if that's what she wants then that's what my girl will get. Cal is all about his son. The entire time I was pregnant he went on and on about his son. Well if he is going to spoil Truman then I am going to spoil Parker. All's fair right?

Well the kids have finally started school. Poor Truman inherited a weak chin from his father. You know I would never have a weak body part.

Poor Parker got it too. She will be beautiful anyway. She'll have men chasing her about someday. Just like her mother.

Well Patches gave birth to two puppies, Maxx and Mini. The kids were at school so I called a nice man to come and get them. No need to upset the kids needlessly but I'm not spending all my time raising puppies. I'll let someone else do that.

Cal finally did it. He became a professional party guest. Now he prances around here like he's something big. PLEASE! He's my husband and I do love him but I could replace him in a heartbeat if I wanted to. Just because he managed to get all four Burton sisters fighting over him doesn't make him anything special.

But man his swimmers sure are potent. I didn't want any more babies but I've found myself pregnant again. Darn that risky woohoo. If I was going to get knocked up again, couldn't I have done it while having wild public woohoo with a practical stranger? But no. I get knocked up my Cal again.

Well Cal complained about my buying the kids pet but now he spends half his time training Bruce. He even got the dog a job in show business. Whatever. As long as there is money coming into this house I don't care who earns it.

Well I finally gave birth. Thank goodness. All this mother stuff is killing my music career. I had a daughter. I named her MacKenzie. Cal was on the phone at the time. I knew he was up to something but I wasn't sure what. I assumed it was another woman. As long as she isn't related to me I don't care. But so help me if I catch him with one of my ex-sisters again I will do bodily harm to them both.

The next morning Patches had another puppy, Jordi.

I had that nice man come over again and get the puppy. What? We don't need any puppies. Two dogs are enough. I would get Bruce fixed but whenever I mention it Cal cringes. Teasing Cal is such fun.

Should I be worried that my nanny keeps leaving cheesecakes laying around? I'm just asking.

As winter is coming to an end, MacKenzie becomes a toddler. She's such a nice neat little girl. Wonder where she got that from? On MacKenzie's birthday I finally found out what Cal's been up to. He quit his job. Not the thing to make a wife happy. Of course he did manage to get another job. Somehow my Cal managed to get elected to the city council. First I can't believe anyone actually voted for him. Second, I can't believe he managed to keep this from me. Oh well. I have been a bit preoccupied with my music career. To much to even chase men. So sad.

The Evans Family:

Cal Evans - romance - permanent platinum - currently a city council member

Shannon Burton Evans - romance - top music - currently a roadie

Truman Evans - child

Parker Evans - child

MacKenzie Evans - toddler

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