Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 3 - Lancaster House 1

Yes it's me, Zackary Lancaster, back from college and ready to take on the world. It's spring here at the Lancaster house. It's a darn cold spring. Hopefully it will thaw out soon. I really want to have a lovely outdoor spring wedding.

While I was away at college, I met a wonderful woman. Her name was Hedwig Busto. Unfortunately she was already engaged to one of my best friends Destin Holiday. So, I spent some time just hanging around downtown. That's where I met her. The woman I knew I'd spend the rest of my life with. This is Liza Dante. She's recently widowed. She was already separated from her husband when I met her. Her husband was apparently trying to fight the divorce. Still, his death was hard on her. That's why I wanted her to move in now instead of later. I want to take care of her the way her first husband should have but didn't. I want to love her and cherish her and of course marry her. We will marry too, just as soon as the snow melts. Well I assume we will. I haven't actually asked her yet. And she did bring her dead husband's ashes with her. Creepy that.

Liza got really sick right after she moved in with me, umm us really. Yeah, Grandpa James and my younger brothers Adrian and Bryan are still here. Everyone has been really great about making Liza feel welcome. I just hope she gets to feeling better really soon.

My how things change. I assumed that our wedding, heck our engagement for that matter, was no big rush. Well now it is. It turns out that Liza is pregnant. Now here's the tricky part. The baby isn't mine. It's her dead husband Luke Dante's baby. Yeah, that kind of hurt a bit when I found out. That meant that during the time that I was dating but not sleeping with Liza, she slept with her ex. That can sting a mans pride. She swears it was Luke's last ditch effort to get her to call of the divorce by seducing her. I have to believe her. Otherwise it would hurt to much. First I lose Hedwig before I ever have her. Now Liza. Well Liza started talking about moving out. I couldn't let her do it. I love her. I have three bolts for her. I' marrying her. The baby is nobody's business but ours.

I know I'm doing the right thing. I know I am. I am. I am. I have to be.

The wedding was a simple ceremony. Just family and a few close friends. Hedwig was there. I tried not to notice. It's hard to say I do when the only woman you want more than your fiance hasn't said I do to your best friend yet. But I'm committed to Liza. I love her and I will love this baby. We will raise it together. Everything will turn out perfect. I know it will.

My wife. Liza Dante Lancaster. Another fortune minded soul working in the medical field. The perfect wife for me since I can't have Hedwig. This will be the mother of my children.

The wedding must have been more romantic than I thought. Suddenly the guest were pairing off in dark corners and in not so dark corners. I tried not to notice. I don't want to see Hedwig and Destin. I especially don't want to see my grandfather with a girl I went to college with.

Well it was a lovely wedding. I think I've pulled it off. I've found the perfect woman to love since I can't have the perfect woman. Must stop thinking about Hedwig. I don't want my wife thinking something is going on when nothing has ever gone on. Wet dreams don't count after all.

After college I got a job as an adventurer. Now I'm a space pirate. It's a great job. Lots of adventurer. Equal amounts of danger. So I think I'll turn in my pirate suit and try something a little less dangerous. Directing maybe?

Bryan is dating the Holiday girl. He has still managed to find time to study and prepare for college. He's much more ready than I was when I left home. My brother Adrian has studied some but dated none. Weird that since all he ever talks about is girls. I'm sure he'll probably get around to actually talking to a girl once he gets to college.

Liza's pregnancy has progressed nicely. She is beautiful isn't she. Man I love her. I can't wait for the baby to get here so that I can REALLY love her. Doctor's orders and all that.

Late one night I swear to you I saw the ghost of Liza's dead husband. One minute I was looking at the stars. The next minute there he was. I think I may have screamed. Just a tiny yet manly scream.

Then Liza screamed. It was a loud deafening 'I'm having a baby' scream. Talk about scary.

Liza had a little girl. WE had a little girl. Her name is Lucia Lancaster. It was my idea to name her after her late father. Of course that was before I met the SOB. That was before he tried four times to kill me. I swear he was out for blood. If he doesn't' stop this madness I swear I'm going to ship him off somewhere. There has been talk of a pet cemetery being constructed soon. That would be so fitting.

Grandpa's age is starting to catch up with him I think. He's really slowed down lately. He mainly just putters around the house. He fishes a lot. I've started a garden for him to putter around in. He talks on the phone a lot but he never really has friends over.

Who's daddy's little girl? Who's daddy's little angel? There she is. My Lucia.

Well grandpa just turned 70. We didn't throw him a birthday party or anything. Honestly with everything going on around her I just forgot. You see I became a Icon. Mr. big shot movie guy, that's me. But, honestly, the limelight just wasn't for me, So I became an artist. I was very much in demand. I actually got 50k recently after passing some of my work off to someone else. Now I can really afford to fix up the old homestead. I can buy Liza all those expensive things she longs for. Hopefully I can make Grandpa's golden years golden.

My youngest brothers have finally headed off to college. Adrian left first. Bryan left later. They both had a few scholarships. Hopefully they will find themselves in college and grow into strong mature men.

Right before summer, Lucia became a toddler. (With scary stats - 0 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful & 1 nice. Can anyone say town prankster?) Grandpa James is helping take care of Lucia while Liza and I are at work. Things are going smooth so far. Hopefully summer will bring yet another pregnancy into the house. I would like to be an active part of the baby making this time around. I guess we will just have to wait and see how things go though. You never know what the future will bring you.

Lancaster Family

James Lancaster - popularity - top law - unemployed

Zackary Lancaster - fortune - permanent platinum - working as a conceptual artist

Liza Dante Lancaster - fortune - chief of staff - working as a nurse

Lucia Lancaster - toddler

Adian Lancaster - romance - hall of famer - off to college

Bryan Lancaster - fortune - chief of staff - off to college


Kerry said...

Oh, boy, Liza Dante! Here's her chance to bring even more sloppy, mean children into the sim world! Go, Liza! Shame on you, thinking about another man during your own wedding ceremony! Geez!

Melissa said...

Wow! That was a lot of updating you did all in one day. I love seeing the Fellowship sims. Can't wait to read more.