Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 2 - Roswell House

It is I, Orion Roswell, back again to tell you of the lives of our small Roswell clan. The children are doing well. They have truly adapted to this world. My mother, well my mother Cornelia has become far to fond of the mating dance. She has been spending far to much time with Austin Monterey. Each day when I return from my place of employment I find that man flirting with my mother. I would put a stop to it but I long to see my mother happy. She has so few years left.

The puppies Altha and Boaz grew into dogs. Just what I needed. Not two but four beasts to care for.

My son Louthor left for college not long after winter began. His woman, Aquamarine Rosada, had already left for college and apparently he was not willing to let her be there alone. After seeing the Monterey man wooing my mother, I do believe I understand his fears.

As soon as his cab had pulled from the curb, my wife Stellar called someone to come and pick up the youngest dogs. I believe she would have sent them all away if not for my mother. I am sure Louthor will understand our decision.

Our young neighbor, Aspen Holiday, who is a result of the breeding program of our people, is apparently a newspaper thief. Perhaps he wishes to punish us for the acts of our home world. I know not why he would behave this way. If his father had fewer children, perhaps he would be able to keep him under control.

My daughter Starr has become a child. She now begins attending school with her brother Mars.

Things go to far. A man should not have to witness such things in his own home. Perhaps I should ask my mother to begin acting her age. Knowing her she would remind me that she did not ask to be brought to this world. Therefore it is my fault and not hers that she behaves as the natives do.

But not all of life is hard. My life with Stellar is wonderful. We have three lovely children. We currently have no plans to have more but I do occasionally try to convince Stellar for just one more. Who knows, some day she may agree.

As winter came to an end so did the life of my mother, Cornelia Roswell. She died a happy woman thanks to the time spent with Mr. Monterey.

That same evening the beasts once again multiplied. Dottie gave birth to another daughter Columbiana and a son Dothan. My Stellar immediately called to have them picked up and taken away. What Louthor doesn't know about can not harm him.

So our family is now smaller. Stellar and I are both working hard on our careers. With the money my mother left me I hope to be able enlarge our home during the spring. Just as soon as the snow melts.

Roswell Family

Orion Roswell - family - 6 grandkids - working as a high school teacher

Stellar Roswell - popularity - Top Law - working as a personal injury lawyer

Louthor Roswell - family - raise 20 puppies - off to college

Mars Roswell - fortune - 5 top level business (whoops - no picture)

Starr Roswell - child

Cornelia Roswell - died leaving a platinum tombstone and money to 9 people. No lifetime want. No impossible want. Not at top level when died.

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