Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 2 - Holiday House

Season two at Holiday 1 and all the neighborhood begins seeing some rather amusing head gear. Andre has found a job in the educational arena while Patrice continues with her hidden criminal career.

Poor Patrice isn't feeling well. Could there be a new little Holiday on the way?

Why are you surprised? You are the one who rolled up the want to have a baby. I just locked it in and waited for the lullaby.

Second son Dakota grows into a family oriented teen. He wants a woman who will stick with him until the end. He seems to have his heart set on Rosario Vega, whom he's known since childhood. They are a two bolt couple and no matter how many other girls I parade in front of him he only seems to want Rosie.

Baby brother Aspen becomes a child and begins school. Isn't he cute?

The trials and tribulations of playing a large family continues. Andre loves his family but at times it all just becomes overwhelming.

Patrice's pregnancy is going well. The newest Holiday should arrive any time now.

And there he is. Welcome to the family little Roman Holiday. He has his daddy's eyes but his mom's red hair.

The triplets become teenagers. Jazz wants a life of pleasure. Why am I not surprised that someone named Jazz would only want to have fun? He plans on living a life of leisure and someday becoming a professional party guest.

Brother Danton wants romance above all. He hopes to have a very full life that includes becoming a celebrity chef.

Apparently sister Venice is camera shy. The only girl in the family wants fortune above all and hopes to go into medicine someday.

Darn chance cards. It was the right answer last time that card came up. But I'm a family sim so I'm happy regardless. I'll just hit the computer and see if I can't find a new school district to teach in.
Dakota gets his first kiss and will probably get his wish to take little Rosario to college with him.
Danton finds a three bolter in Pania Te Waiata. His brother Jazz wants to date her also so we are going to have to send Jazz downtown to find someone else to distract him.
Well Jazz looks distracted. He's found a three bolter in the form of Kricket Cooprider.
Venice has been looking but so far she hasn't settled on anyone yet. Lots of 2 bolters but no one that we can agree on. We might wait until college before we settle on anyone.
While the teens are making love connections, Roman grew into a toddler. He looks a lot like his mommy yes him does. He's an aries with a lovely personality and his daddy's newest pride and joy.

With winter coming to an end, Dakota takes his one scholarship (for good grades) and heads off to the university. This opens up a slot in the Holiday household so of course Andre is begging for a baby. But that won't happen this go round. Maybe next time.

Holiday - House 1

Andre Holiday - family - 6 grandkids (currently has 7 kids) - working as teachers aide

Patrice Faststein Holiday - knowledge - criminal mastermind - working as a bookie

Dakota Holiday - family - golden anniversary - off to college

Danton Holiday - Romance - celebrity chef

Jazz Holiday - Pleasure - professional party guest

Venice Holiday - Fortune - chef of staff

Aspen Holiday - child

Roman Holiday - toddler

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