Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 3 - Roswell House

Spring is here and I, Orion Roswell, will once again share with you the tales of our small family. Our home has changed greatly since we last spoke. I used the money my mother left us to greatly enlarge the family home. We now have much more room for my wife to entertain her many friends.

That Monterey man brought my a house warming gift. At least I assume that is why he left the statue in front of my house in the middle of the night. Perhaps it was in remembrance of the time he spent with my mother. Regardless, I placed the statue in a strategic location to enhance our landscaping efforts. My wife became determined to become a member of the garden club this spring. She did in fact become a members and even received $864 towards further improvements of our garden.

After remodeling our bedroom, I tried very hard to inseminate my wife. She has been somewhat distant lately. I am not sure why. I know that she strives always to get promotions at work but somehow this is different. I almost believe that she is keeping a secret from me. I tell myself that it isn't possible. What could she possibly be hiding? But the feeling will not leave. Unfortunately I failed in my efforts for another child and our distance has not given me another opportunity to try. I should be happy with three children, which is one more than I would have been allowed on my home world, but a man can never have to many offspring. Unless his name is Holiday. Then I'm afraid there is a limit and he has already crossed it.

The beasts multiplied once again giving us two new puppies Wanda and Weaver. Seeing my wife with them, I must admit that I find my self jealous of the beastlings.

But the beastlings are no longer here. My son Louther and his future mate Aquamarine have returned from university. Mars saw to it that his brother took the beastlings with him after his visit. It was after all Louther who bought the original beasts. Why shouldn't he deal with the results?

I found my self in a bit of a conundrum. I will never understand this new world in which I live. My wife still finds no time for me. The mating dance has not been preformed in quite some time. This must be why I found myself so attracted to my sons future mate. She set my blood to boil with just one glance. A man should not feel this way about the mother of his future grandchildren especially when he has known her since she was a teen. To keep from making a fool of myself, I buried my nose in a book. Education is important and I was hoping distracting. My son must have found my distance disturbing. He would have found it more disturbing if I had gave into my feelings and flirted with his future mate. I was very glad when Louther took his Aqua home. I am sure these feelings that have surfaced will once again vanish before our next meeting. They simply have to.

On Starr's birthday, we had a few people over for dinner. I did not issue and invitation to Louther. I should have. I know this. I simply wasn't ready to face him or his future mate yet.

Starr is now a lovely knowledge minded teen who longs to lead the life of an adventurer. As long as she gives me a few grandchildren along the way I think it is a wonderful ambition.

Starr and her best friend Aspen Holiday (of the ever increasing Holiday brood) have been best friends for a while. Although I am not overly fond of the paper thief, my daughter believes herself in love with him. What is a father to do? I would not have a Holiday join the family but if it is her wish then I will allow it. Really, what choice does a father on this planet have?

In the dead of the night, Mars headed off to university. His mother and I will keep improving our home until he returns. Then we shall turn the reins over to him. I can not wait until the day when he brings a mate to this house and fills it full of grandchildren. It is all I have ever wanted.

The Roswell Family

Orion Roswell - family - 6 grandkids - working as a College Senior Professor

Stellar Roswell - popularity - top Law - working as a international cooperate lawyer

Mars Roswell - fortune - 5 top level businesses - off to college

Starr Roswell - knowledge - adventurer

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