Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 3 - Burton House

We are back at the Burton house where the theme for the spring is "Let the Celebration Begin". The Witch is gone. The Witch is gone. Thank you Austin. The Witch is Gone.

That's right. No more fighting among sisters as Jackie Burton has married Austin Burton and flown the coop. FINALLY peace reins. At least temporarily.

Also being celebrated is the birthday of Ashley's daughter Ria. Her father is none other than Cal Evans, as if you couldn't tell.
Ria Burton - Aquarius - 5 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 7 playful & 8 nice.

Now although Ashley is happy to see her sister gone, she is not happy. Nothing like a pleasure sim to sink into the doldrums and refuse to come out. So to boost her spirits she asks her colleague Orion Roswell on a date. Yes, he's married. Bad Ashley. But he is available since he came home with her from work. Beggars can't be choosy. And for a gal who wants 50 1st dates, this is date number four. Such a sad life she leads.

Due to spring, Orion's marriage woos and the fact that Ashley will put out for almost anyone, the quiet little date turns into a dream date. Ashley's happy. Orion seems happy. I'm happy. At least for a little while.

The remaining sisters Ashley and Kelly, start working towards promotions. Kelly is still trying to become a celebrity chef and oh how I would love to have one permanent platinum sim in this house.

More celebrating as Ria become a child. The Evans stamp hits hard doesn't it?

Ashley begins having nightmares. I can't be. It couldn't happen. It wasn't that risky. Was it?

Well yes it would appear so. Our little Ashley, who is forced to run the household and take care of all the kids even though it's against her nature, finds herself once again with child. With a married man's child. I'm starting to see a pattern forming with these Burton girls. Perhaps the next generation will be better?

Did you hear? Aunt Ashley is going to have a baby. I can't wait until the baby gets here this summer. (Oh, and neither can I, she says rather sarcastically.)

As the spring comes to an end, Kelly Burton's twin daughters become teens. Finally they start to grow into the Evans looks.

Jala Burton is a family sim who wants to be a celebrity chef like her mom. That is assuming her mom ever makes it that far.

Bailey Burton is a fortune sim. She wants to be The Law someday.

And thus ends the tale of the Burton Women (plus Sawyer the overlooked henpecked Burton male). Join us this summer where we wait to see the color of Ashley's newest baby.

The Burton House

Ashley Burton - Adult - Pleasure - 50 1st dates (4 so far)- working as the Education Minister

Kelly Burton - Adult - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - working as a Restaurateur

(Kelly's Cheesecake Twins with Cal Evans)

Jala Burton - Teen - Family - Celebrity Chef

Bailey Burton - Teen - Fortune - The Law

(Jackie's cheesecake twins with Austn Monterey)

Sawyer Burton - child

Sasha Burton - child

(Ashley's daughter with Cal Evans)

Ria Burton - child

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ciyrose said...

Both Jala and Bailey are quite pretty girls. There are certainly a lot of babies around here.