Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 3 - Montery House 3

Joey Monterey returns from college and quickly calls up the lovely Jacquelyn Blair. He asks her to move in with him. She accepts. She brings not nearly enough cash with her but Joey doesn't care. They build themselves a lovely little house and set to work becoming a lovely little couple.

Jacquelyn Blair - downtownie - Knowledge sim who would like to become a criminal mastermind - Virgo with 9 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful and 5 nice.

Things become very physical with the young couple very quickly. Of course with his mother Janice living just next door, you had to know that marriage was just around the corner.

Joey and Jacquelyn eventually married in a private ceremony in the kitchen. Yes it was casual dress and no Janice Monterey Yessam was not invited. And now there are two Jackie Montereys in Finality Springs.

The young couple then went to work maximizing their skills. It's all work and very little play for these two.

Things were going well for Joey until a bad choice caused a demotion. Darn cards.

Things went better for Jackie as she managed to max all her skills. She also got a 10k bonus at work. Plans for the summer include expanding the house to include a nursery.

The Monterey House 3

Joey Moneterey - Adult - Knowledge - Media Magnet - working in the Media field but I forget what job

Jacquelyn Blair Monterey - Adult - Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind - worlking in the criminal field

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