Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 2 - University

Our first group of college students includes Amethyst Rosada, Destin Holiday, Hedwig Busto, and Joey Monterey. They spent their first two years in a dorm before heading out together to form a greek house. They quickly pledged up or second group for this year and then invited Zack Lancaster to move on in.

Things were kind of boring really. Every now and then something shocking happened but it was rare.

Destin spent most of his last two years just like this. Got to love those popularity sims. Eventually he sent Hedwig downtown to buy cell phones for everyone. New rule, all college students must have their own cell phone.

Our second group of members includes Brendon Lancaster, Iris Faststein, William Lancaster and Jaela Glissade. After Jaela became a member, but before she officially moved in, she took to fishing. She never actually went back to her dorm but instead just fished day and night. She fished until she was eventually moved in. Let's just say that her and William have a wonderful little nest egg with which to start their new home someday.

Joey found the future Mrs. Monterey. He hasn't proposed yet but he will someday when the time is right.

Destin asked Hedwig to be his wife. She accepted of course. They are a three bolt couple. Hedwig also had three bolts with Zack Lancaster which meant she couldn't decide who to follow around like a puppy.

Eventually graduation came. Joey Monterey heads back with a 4.0 in philosophy. He was big man on campus and a member of the secret society but then again so was all of group one.

Amethyst heads home with a 4.0 in drama. She has no husband lined up for her as she will be the wanton woman who insures the Rosada name carries forward into the next generation.

Destin graduated with a 4.0 in biology. Every time he goes through an age transition his hair flattens. He'll be sure to stiffen it back up once he gets back home.

Hedwig graduates with a 4.0 in political science. Her or Destin one will have to spring for a shopping trip asap.

As expected, Zack did a little soul searching after his sophomore year and decided that maybe money was more important than pet friends. He dreams of becoming an rich adventurer. With that settled he can finally do some serious skilling AND find himself a lady love.

By this time the other four of our first round students have moved on into the greek house. Brendon and Iris are in love. They finally have their first kiss (though I could have sworn they did this as teens). I've been waiting for them to roll of the want to get engaged but so far no dice. Weird seeing that they are a three bolt couple. Lots of those running around as you will notice.

William and Jaela are also a three bolt pair. As family sims they can hardly wait to get back home and start their family.

Of course they are already engaged. The wedding will take place right after graduation.

Speaking of graduation, Zackary Lancaster graduates with a 4.0 in literature. He is a member of the secret society and a big man on campus. He has found the woman he wants to marry someday but he keeps his relationships close to the vest so you'll just have to wait and see. Zack will be the Lancaster brother to move back in with grandpa James and carry on the original Lancaster house.

Yack yack yack. Talk talk talk. So how many sims can talk on cell phones at the same time before a lot blows up?

William broke his arm at some point. He didn't let that stop him from anything though. Maybe the arm will heal after graduation.

And speaking of, it's that time again. First out the door is Brendon Lancaster. He graduated with a 4.0 in psychology. He was also a SS member and a BMOC.

The future Mrs. Brendon Lancaster left next. Iris graduated with a 4.0 in Art. She was a SS member and BMOC. She is a little ticked at me for not letting her have a graduation party. She'll get over it.

WilliamLancaster heads off next. Growing up fixed that pesty broken arm btw. William graduated with a 4.0 in biology. (yes SS & BMOC)

Finally Jaela graduated with a 4.0 in biology (and SS & BMOC). Growing up killed her custom hair so we'll have to fix that later.

And so ends our first trip through college. To summarize (and maybe I should have done that to start with):

9 students, 9 advanced diplomas, 9 secret society members, 9 big man on campus memories and a partridge in a pear tree (man I hate college).

The greek house is now in the hands of our four newest college students but we'll hear all about them later. That's all from La Fiesta Tech for now. Until next time.


Bubbs said...

What a fun group to take through college. Looks like they survived. I can'tt wait to see them get married and their kids. :)


Melissa said...

Yeah~ Someone else playing Fellowship. I love reading other people's blogs (sorry I don't blog). Can't wait to see how your families come along.