Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 1 - Holiday House

The Holiday's were a happy healthy family. Andre and his wife Ginger had two beautiful sons, Destin and Dakota, that they loved and cherished. But Ginger Holiday wanted a daughter so the couple tried a final time to get a girl. Well they got a girl and two additional sons. The triplets, Danton, Jazz and Venice, came into the world in a blaze of glory but due to complications Ginger left the world soon after. Andre had not yet recovered from the trauma when he was abducted by aliens. At his breaking point, Andre convinced himself that he had imagined the aliens. He packed up his five children and moved to Finality Springs, a newly created planned community. Move in day was hectic as the triplets were still toddlers. Luckily his oldest son was around to help out. If Destin and a house full of strangers hadn't been around, Andre may have broken down upon learning that little green men were living just across the street.

Andre couldn't afford to hire a nanny to watch the triplets. He accepted the fact that he would have to squeeze each dollar for all it was worth until the toddlers started school. Caring for three toddlers left Andre exhausted. Destin helped out but there was always so much to do. Andre began gaining weight. He tried to write it off as stress gain but eventually he had to admit the truth. Aliens do exist. They did in deed snatch him up one night. And as unbelievable as it sounds, he was pregnant with an alien baby.

Several months later, Andre gave birth to a son that he named Aspen Holiday. He was an adorable baby and a miracle to this family minded man. The other children accepted Aspen unconditionally. The triplets had now started school. Andre once again pushed off his career dreams and stayed home to be both a mother and father to his large family.

Of course that doesn't mean he didn't take any time for himself. Andre met Patrice Faststein the day he moved into his new home. They conversed on the phone during the many months of Andre's pregnancy. With that behind him, Andre finally decided to ask Patrice out on a date. This was just the first of many dream dates for this three bolt couple.

Not to be out done, Destin began dating a local girl named Hedwig Busto. He was drawn to her the first time they met. He knew without a doubt that this girl was the one for him. I mean who wouldn't marry a three bolt girl?

Things progressed between Andre and Patrice. One night, on a date downtown, Andre asked Patrice to marry him. She accepted. The couple celebrated with a little public display of affection.

When Aspen became a toddler, Andre called a family meeting. He told his children that he was in love with a wonderful woman and that he had asked her to marry him. He thought that his children would be surprised but they weren't. They knew their dad was dating. They new he was happier than he had been in a long time. Each and every child gave their blessing for Andre to get them a new mom.

With money tight, Andre and Patrice were married quietly at home. They celebrated with the children and then turned in for the night. Andre felt as though he was the luckiest man in the world. He had been allowed to find love not once but twice in his life. He knew that he and Patrice would have the perfect happy marriage.
Patrice couldn't believe she had married again. She swore when she divorced the first SOB that she would never marry again but somehow Andre had gotten past all her defences. She just hoped that it would work out when he found out about her past. When he learned that she had three children out there somewhere from her first marriage. She had lost custody when her ex mother-in-law convinced the court that she was a thief who would be a bad influence on her children. Of course, she is a thief. She had to do something to earn money after her divorce. Hopefully Andre will never learn all the things she has done to make ends meet. And if he does, will he be able to live with it?

With a new stepmom around to take care of the kids, and a sister who may someday be a professional dancer, Destin Holiday heads off to college. He plans to meet up with Hegwig there and someday he plans to marry her.

The Holiday Family:

  • Andre Holiday - Family - 6 grandkids - unemployed
  • Patrice Faststein Holiday - Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind - unemployed
  • Destin Holiday - Popularity - Captain Hero - off to college
  • Dakota Holiday - child
  • Danton Holiday - child
  • Jazz Holiday - child
  • Venice Holiday - child
  • Aspen Holiday - toddler


Bubbs said...

YEAH! The Bustos are alive and well!! *jumps up and down*

(Proud Busto parent here) :)

ASimWen said...

WooHoo! I see you Hedwig!!!!!