Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round 1 - Burton House

I didn't expect to become a widow but I did. My Nitz went with the angels and left me here alone. I sought comfort in the arms of a wonderful man, Cal Evans. He seemed so perfect. He was everything I needed. Then everything went wrong.

All four of my girls - Jackie, Ashley, Kelly, & Shannon - moved home for one reason or another. At first everything was fine. Then the girls started fighting.

I must have been blind not to realize what the problem was. I lectured them. I begged them. But no one would tell me what was really going on.

I always new that Cal looked at women. But he was with me. I never dreamed that he would actually chase after another woman. I especially never dreamed he would chase after not one but all four of my daughters.

So I was shocked when Cal announced that he was moving out AND my daughter Shannon was going with him. They were engaged. ENGAGED! All this time he had been sharing my bed. How was it possible that I didn't realize that he was sharing ALL of my daughters beds too?

Even after moving out Cal was a constant fixture in our home. He just walked in like he owned the place. Fireworks were always an occurrence. Like the time my daughter Kelly caught Cal in bed with her sister Ashley. That was the same night that Kelly admitted that she was pregnant with Cal's child.

A few days later, Jackie found out that she was also pregnant. She swore up and down that it was not Cal's child but none of her sisters believed her.

Kelly gave birth to twin daughters, Jala and Bailey.

A day later Jackie gave birth to twins, Sawyer and Sasha.

I was thrilled to be a grandmother at last but this was not what I expected. I thought that my girls would marry nice young men. I thought that my grandchildren would be born within a marriage. But I love my girls. Despite it all I don't blame this on them. This is Cal's fault. He seduced my girls. He is an evil man. I hope my Shannon will see that and come home. So far she hasn't even called.

Bailey had her birthday. What a lovely girl she will be. I only hope I am here to see her grow up. I'm not getting any younger.

Jala is also lovely. Kelly is struggling at being a mother but at least she's trying.

The house is busy. Everyone has so much on their plates. But so far we have managed.

But the fights have not stopped. Though the girls say that no longer want Cal, they still fight over him. I can't understand it. I can't understand them. They should be a united front against him. They should join forces and get their sister out of his grasp.

Burton Family:
Kimmy Burton - Family - 6 grandkids - unemployed
Jackie Burton - Pleasure - Top Gamer - Flag Capturer
Ashley Burton - Pleasure - 50 1st dates - University Guest Lecturer
Kelly Burton - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - Waitress
Jala Burton - toddler
Bailey Burton - toddler
Sawyer Burton - baby
Sasha Burton - baby


Bubbs said...

Another fun baby filled house! Can't wait to see more fights....

straberiwine said...

OMG, the drama! I can't believe Cal was woohooing a whole family at the same time he was wooing the Mamma Monterey! How funny! Look forward to reading the rest of the stories!

snarkysims said...

Wow, you're really having a baby boom! I think Cal is taking the phrase "keep in the family" way too literally!