Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Lancaster House 2

Lancaster House: Brendon Lancaster (Popularity) & Iris Faststien Lancaster (Popularity).

At the Lancaster house, Brendon goes about convincing Iris to marry him. No more playing house for these two.

Brendon and Iris called over friends and family to witness their union. Afterwards I was once again convinced that a quick union in a small bathroom is a much smarter way to go.

At least this time the guest actually watched the wedding. Of course they couldn't help comment on Hedwig's expanding waistline either.
Of course one person didn't watch the ceremony. Zackary (or was it Adrian - so hard to tell) provided the musical ambiance for the ceremony.
Hedwig is my kind of girl. Never let another woman sit to close to your man. Especially one that you can't trust. You definitely can't trust that one.
Brendon and Iris turned in early to do a bit of private celebrating. Everyone else had a rocking good time without them.
Soon Iris is harvesting yummy veggies in her maternity clothes.
Finally, Brendon gets a slot on the Captain Hero squad making him very happy.

Late one night, Iris goes into labor while gardening. She spent her entire pregnancy gardening. Next year, we might want to downsize the garden.
Iris gives birth to TWINS! Natural twins as far as I can tell. Welcome to the neighborhood Ian and Irving Lancaster.

The babies are so cute. I didn't want twins but you can't help but love them once you have them.

The Lancaster Family

  • Brendon Lancaster - adult - popularity - PP - working as Captain Hero
  • Iris Faststien Lancaster - adult - popularity - PP - working as media magnet
  • Irving Lancaster - baby
  • Ian Lancaster - baby


ASimWen said...

Woo hoo! Let's hear it hoo and natural twins!

ciyrose said...

The babies are very cute. I understand the not really wanting, but loving twins. :)