Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Holiday House 3

The Holiday House: Dakota Holiday (Family/Pleasure) and Rosario Vega (Family/Pleasure).

The first thing on our to do list is get Dakota engaged. I don't know that it would have prevented him from being snatched up by the crazy gypsy woman but it sure can't hurt anything.
It was a quick engagement. Now if we can just get the groom to stop rolling up wants to fall in love with Dani Rosada.

Well. My dad wants grandkids. We must do our part. And of course we are both family sims and we both have super fertility. Not sure that was a smart move but I'm only playing this neighborhood right now so I have to try out all the new stuff here. I find it strange that I'm suddenly actually hoping for twins.

Rosario got big quick. She started a garden. Got a wishing well. Did all the usual stuff that my other pregnant sims have done this summer. You know. Same old same old.
Put your hands where I can see them and slowly back away from the telescope. Are you nuts. That's there for daytime spying only. Your wife could be having twins. We don't need two sets.
Well I find myself disappointed to announce that there was just one baby. A girl. Meet Alabama Holiday. I suppose it's for the best. Someone call Andre and let him know it's a single. 2 down and 4 grandbabies to go.

Ok. Strike that. More grandbabies of the green variety coming soon. This has done got ridiculous.

And thus ends a very strange summer. Maybe the aliens will cool down with approach of autumn? One can hope. Or not. I really do like the green alien babies but there are going to be so many of them born at once. I already can't control my population. I don't need FT helping me out any. Oh well. Join us back the Fall when we see if super fertility will give us alien twins. Until then... BEWARE THE NIGHT TIME SKY. THERE ARE ALIENS AMONG US.

The Holiday Family

  • Dakota Holiday - adult - family/pleasure - golden anniversary
  • Rosario Holiday - adult - family/pleasure - golden anniversary
  • Alabama Holiday - baby

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ASimWen said...

Yep there will be lots of greenies wondering around. heh. He will probably have the twins.