Friday, July 4, 2008

Round 4 - Monterey House 3

The Monterey House: Joey Monterey (Knowledge/Popularity) and wife Jacquelyn Blair Monterey (Knowledge/Family).

Back at the Monterey House, Jackie starts a family garden. She just found out she is pregnant (on purpose this time) and wants to get the wishing well taken care of before the baby gets here.

A few days later, she calls over the garden club. Yes. I went overboard. But the family got their wishing well and $11,661 too.

Can you say kaching? Who knew gardening could be so profitable. Tiring on the mouse finger but very profitable.

Here we go again. The aliens are sure getting active. Jackie went on a wild ride but no green babies this time.

Ouch. That landing has got to hurt. Both mother and child were unharmed.

Joey reaches his life time goal by becoming a media magnet. His second ltw is to become a criminal mastermind. Well Jackie is already working on that. Why not join her?

But first, it's baby time. Jackie gives birth to a baby girl. Meet Basillia Monterey.

Basillia grew quickly into a toddler. She is a pisces with 6 neat, 3 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful and 10 nice. Such good stats. I'm so happy. This is why there should be more virgos in my hood.

Joey complete his second life time want by becoming a criminal mastermind. Third ltw is to be the Hand of Poseidon. We may work on that this fall.

On the same day, Jackie fulfilled her life time want. Her second is to have a golden anniversary.

Nothing else much going on here. Joey did earn 55k on a chance card so the family is doing pretty good right now. Hopefully they can keep it up.

The Monterey Family

  • Joey Monterey - adult - knowledge/popularity - PP - working as a criminal mastermind
  • Jacquelyn Blair Monterey - adult - knowledge/family - PP - working as a criminal mastermind
  • Basillia Monterey - toddler


ASimWen said...

Woah! Nice load-o-cash there from the garden club! Congrats!

ciyrose said...

So THAT's how flower beds earn so much money. Interesting!