Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 5 - Burton

House 6 - The Burton's
The Burton's are: Ashley Burton (pleasure/family), her sister Kelly Burton (popularity/grilled cheese), Ashley's daughter w/Cal Evans - Ria (child) and Ashley's twins w/Orion Roswell - Justice and Jordan (toddlers).

Last time: Ashley gives birth to twins, Ashley has her 50th 1st date fulfilling her life time want, Sawyer is abducted by aliens twice, then Sawyer, Sasha, Jala & Bailey head off to college.
One of the Ashski brothers (Larry maybe?) starts stalking the house. It seems he's furious with Ashley. Not sure why. Guess he found out about the other 49 guys she dated and took exception.

Birthday time. Ria Burton becomes a teen. She's into popularity and wants 20 best friends. I love you Ria.
Then the twins had their birthday and became children. This is Jordan Burton.

And her twin brother Justice Burton. If I'm not mistaken I changed his hair when he became a teen. Course that doesn't happen this round but still.

I have been trying (emphasis on trying) to match up up the neighborhood kids. I considered putting Ria with Roman for about a half a second. Then I realized that was a bad idea so it was abandoned.

Instead, Ria took her turn from the wishing well. The fates brought her Michael something or other. I'm drawing a blank right now and of course I didn't write it down anywhere. Profit. I think his name is Michael Profit. I do know that he follows Ria to college. That I'm positive of.

Ashski keeps stalking. I think Ashley eventually calms him down but it took some time.

Yes lots of time and patience and a few visits from the bug lady.
The stress must have aged Ashley because suddenly she was looking old. And the lack of fashion sense is appalling.
So Ashley's daughter Ria took Michael by the hand and lead him off to college.

The Burton's:

  • Ashley - permanent platinum neighborhood player
  • Kelly - permanent platinum forgotten other sister
  • Ria - off to college with her man
  • Justice - cute little alien boy who doesn't know who his dad is
  • Jordan - the other cute alien twin

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ciyrose said...

Wow....Ria has really big hair. She's pretty though. Oh Maxis how you love to torcher us at age transitions with the clothes.