Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 5 - Evans

House 7 - The Evan's
The Evan's: Cal Evans (romance/family), his wife Shannon Burton Evans (romance/family), and their daughter MacKenzie.
Last time: Not much happened. Shannon took up oceanography, Cal continued in politics and MacKenzie got bigger.

With election time just around the corner, Cal his taking every opportunity to meet the constitutes. Hopefully he isn't making campaign promises that he can't keep.

Shannon continues to head up the oceanography career track. Eventually she makes it to the top and becomes the Hand of Poseidon. That makes the second career track she's topped.
MacKenzie becomes a teen and has the classic Evan's looks. MacKenzie is into pleasure with a side helping of knowledge and wants to be a celebrity chef someday.

MacKenzie uses the wishing well to get herself a mate. The fates bring her Kurtis Faststien. Dad being a former romancer keeps an eye on things to make sure they don't go to far. At the end of the season these two love birds head off to college together.

The family dog pops out a few more puppies. Don't ask me names. I can't remember.

But I do know that some of the family guest tried to take off with the puppies. I wouldn't have minded to much except that they are needed on another lot to fulfill the 20 puppies growing up lifetime want.

And for that same reason our pets go at it again. Need more puppies. I'll be glad when we get past all this.

Finally election day comes and Cal Evans is elected Mayor of Finality Springs. With his past (and overabundance of kids by two of the three Burton sisters) it's amazing the citizens elected him. Then again he was running unopposed so that helps.

Shannon becomes the true politicians wife and begins making friends with the local ladies. Actually I was just bored and thought I'd make some more wishing well friends. I have gotten to lazy to do it the old fashioned way. Or maybe I just got burned out with Mars Roswell.

I am The Man. The Mayor. And I ride in a big fancy helicopter. BooYah!
Cal and Shannon are still hot for each other after all these years and finally they have passed child bearing years so I'm just letting them be themselves.
Shannon adopts a stray doggy named Daisy. Her and Bruce may someday be able to have some puppies. If not adopting her will still help the family look good to the public eye.

Patches (my memory is coming back slowly) has another batch of puppies. These got the way of all the rest and are given up for adoption.

And then the last night of the season comes and Truman arrives home from university.

Cal is a proud papa. His son is the spitting image of him don't you think.

Side by side comparison. The Evan's genes are strong. Wonder if the next generation will look as much like the first two.

Well the reason Truman showed up a few hours early was so that he wouldn't miss his parents birthday. And as you can see he has invited his girl friend Alexandria Potts to the party too.

Well there are two more old folks in the neighborhood. At least Shannon has a little more fashion sense than does Cal.

With the birthdays handled, Truman asks Alexandria to be his wife. They marry is a very private ceremony in the upstairs bathroom.

Alexandria Potts Evans - custom townie - fortune sim - wants to be a Hall of Famer - Gemini with 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful & 6 nice

With the season coming to a close, Truman and Alex consummate their union. Could they be thinking of adding to the Evan's family. Come back next season and find out.

The Evans:

  • Cal Evans - permanently platinum Mayor of Finality Springs
  • Shannon Burton Evans - permanently platinum Hand of Poseidon
  • Truman Evans - fortune sim who wants to earn 100k - working as the Dean of College Students
  • Alexandria - fortune sim who wants to top athletics - working in the Elite Forces

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