Saturday, February 28, 2009

Round 5 - Monterey 3

House 10 - The Monterey's

The Monterey's: Joey Monterey (knowledge/popularity), his wife Jacquelyn Blair Monterey (knowledge/family) and their daughter Bassillia (toddler).

Last time: A pregnant Jacquelyn made a fortune while earning a wishing well, Jacquelyn was abducted by aliens while pregnant, Bassillia was born, Joey and Jackie both topped a career.
We are back at the Monterey house where Joey spends time teaching Bassilia all her toddler skills. Basillia is a true cutie and she has TEN nice points. Maybe I can stick her with one of our paper stealers and their kids might come out somewhat normal.

Ewww. How did this happen. Well I would tell you but I don't remember. I played this house in July and now it's February. It's nice that Joey's friendly neighbor Orion Roswell was nice enough to get those bugs for him. Now if he would just clean up the bug carcases and erase the bad bug memory that would be lovely.

I must have been bored because I think I had Jacquelyn and Joey have a signaling the aliens race. Obviously Joey won. What was I thinking? Did I need more alien babies? Oh well. Looks like I'll get one anyway.

He doesn't look happy does he. But he is a knowledge sim so he'll recover.

Jacqueline gave up her life of crime (she was a criminal mastermind) and instead when into the adventure field. Joey is working through the oceanography field. Lots of those going around right now.

Opps. Did I do that? Well I can't remember. Either way...

The aliens are back and they've found her. At least I know I wasn't out looking for them this time. No I was just to dumb to keep her away from the telescope.
Jacquelyn came back in the early morning hours. Her husband was worried. Her nanny was laughing at her. Ok so you can't see it but you know the nannys always laugh when bad things happen to good sims. They're just cruel that way.

Cute little Bassillia became a child. I think she is so pretty. She is a lovely blending of both of her parents. And a nice little kid too.

Joey gave birth to his little alien offspring. Joey had a boy. This is Bahram Monterey. Isn't he just to cute. Ok I must have a fever. I'm not generally a woman who constantly comments on cuteness.

Jackie teaches little Bassilia to study. Enjoy the attention because after this one time you are on your own. Mom and Dad will be to busy with the new babies. Sorry.

Speaking of babies. Here comes another one. Ow. Looks like it hurts.

Jacquelyn has a little girl. Meet Darice Monterey. She is going to be a little alien beauty.

Finally we reach the end of a baby filled season as Bahram becomes a toddler. Bahram is an Aries with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 2 playful & 3 nice.

The Monterey's:

  • Joey Monterey - permanently platinum Deep Sea Fisherman
  • Jacquelyn Blair Monterey - permanently platinum Hostage Negotiator
  • Basillia Monterey - cute kid
  • Bahram Monterey - cute toddler
  • Darice Monterey - cute baby

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ciyrose said...

Bassilia is really cute! So nice too!! Bahram is a cutie...I like his eyebrows. :)