Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 5 - Holiday 2

House 9 - The Holiday's
The Holiday's are: Destin Holiday (popularity/family), his wife Hedwig Busto Holiday (popularity/family) and their son Bristol Holiday.
Last time: Bristol is born, Hedwig gets 30 best friends, and Hedwig find herself pregnant for a second time.

Hedwig's second pregnancy is moving right along. The happy couple can't wait for their next little one to arrive. And how can you tell that they're a happy couple? Why the heart undies of course. That means they are taking full advantage of the fact that Hedwig can't get knocked up twice. If only they'd put on some real clothes afterwards but with these two that just isn't going to happen.
Nope. They even garden in their undies. These two are such exhibitionists.

It makes you wonder if Bristol will grow up to be the same. Right now he is just growing into a wonderful young man. Other than the fact he cheats at chess and steals papers. But he's a Holiday. They always steal papers. It's a given.

It's time. Hedwig gives birth outside in the garden in front of an audience.

It's a girl. Hey. How did she wind up back in normal clothes? Humm. I really don't know. Moving on.

Meet the newest little Holiday. This is Kissimmee Holiday. She's such a doll.

In absolutely no time at all, Kissimmee became a toddler. Just like her brother, Kissimmee grew up with hollow head syndrome. Not sure what's up with that.

But we took care of that real quick. Now she's just a little darling.
Kissimmee Holiday is a gemini with 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful & 1 nice. She has EXACTLY the same personality as her brother Bristol.

And she loves her brother. Kissimmee and Bristol were best friends in no time.
Speaking of friends, our friends the aliens are back again. No Destin wasn't looking for them but he was thinking about them and suddenly they appeared.

The aliens tossed him out the space ship door and through the willow tree. It was a rough landing. Ouch!

Yeah, that's got to hurt. And you know what this means. More green babies anyone?

Destin wasn't feeling very well. Lots of time spent bowing to the porcelain god.

So although Destin usually does most of the child rearing, this time around Hedwig gets a crack at it. Can you say mommy little glowing baby girl?

Finally Kissimmee is all skilled up so she gets to spend some time chewing on her brother's blocks.

Destin's alien pregnancy starts to show but that doesn't stop him from heading to work where he is promoted to an Icon. That makes the second career that he's topped.

The Holiday's:

  • Destin Holiday - permanently platinum Icon
  • Hedwig Busto Holiday - permanently platinum Education Minister
  • Bristol Holiday - child
  • Kissimmee Holiday - toddler

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