Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 5 - Lancaster 1

House 4 - The Lancaster's

The Lancaster's are: Zachary Lancaster (fortune/knowledge), his wife Liza Dante Lancaster (fortune/knowledge), Liza's daughter Lucia (child) and the couple's son Lamar (baby).

Last time: James Lancaster passed away of old age, Lucia became a child and Lamar was born.

Tons of folks find themselves with excess garden furnishing due to Mars Roswell's savvy business sense. I made the decision that they would all use whatever they had bought (or been conned into buying) to improve their outdoor living area. You know, to make their homes feel more like homes. It's nice to get a few rounds into a prosperity neighborhood so that you are no longer worrying about making more bucks and can instead just beautify and make things more comfy for me and my sims.

Ok. Back on track. Let's see... well... with both Zack and Liza working and with grandpa James having passed on to his great reward, the family found themselves in need of a nanny. The thing I like about this nanny is that she looks like a nanny. This is the face of a woman who looks as though she takes care of kids all day long. Of course we know that she really just sits around and reads the paper all day while ignoring the kids BUT she looks professional while doing so.

Aspen is back from college obviously. He is giving lessons to all the younger Holiday's to show exactly how to steal a newspaper the right way. I'm in trouble now that the paper thieves have their leader back.

Finally, something more important. Zachary reaches the top of the artist field and becomes a visionary. If I'm not mistaken this is the second career he has topped. Or it could be his third. I tend to loose track after a while.

And now that he's home he can help celebrate Lamar's birthday. Lamar was born with no eye brows which was weird but he is still a cute toddler. Lamar is a gemini with 4 neat, 7 outgoing, 8 active, 3 playful & 3 nice. Is it sad that 3 nice points makes me celebrate?

Lucia comes home from school and goes to work in the garden. Why should the adults do the work when kids are free labor? Zachary gets to know his neighbor Beryl Rosada. It's a good thing that they become friends too because Zachary will be seeing a whole lot more of Beryl in the future.

Owww. Happy baby shot. He is so darling despite his lack of eye brows. And he has those cute blue Lancaster eyes. Awww.

Since Zack has topped his careers, I started letting him do his own thing. That includes spying on neighbors in his underwear and laughing at passers by. Guys got to have a hobby.

Liza becomes the chief of staff at the local hospital. This fulfills her first life time want which makes both of us very happy.

And then this happened. Zachary's second favorite hobby results in yet another pregnancy for the couple. Darn that risky woohoo. Oh well. We all know I can't keep the population down so at some points it like - the more the merrier.

As the season comes to an end, Lucia has a birthday. She is a knowledge loving sim that longs to become a Game Designer someday.

And that makes her a perfect match for Beryl who is a family sim that wants to become yet another Education Minister. Yes, this is the couple that will carry on the Rosada house someday.

And thus ends another autumn at the Lancaster estate. Tune in next season when we see if Liza's next baby will inherit the orange Lancaster skin or maybe even some nice points.

The Lancasters:

  • Zachary - permanently platinum man of the house
  • Liza - permanently platinum pain the the @$$
  • Lucia - future Rosada
  • Lamar - cute little guy and household heir

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ciyrose said...

The fountain area is super pretty, and the outdoor areas look really nice. I like it when you get a few rounds in too. LOL....the paper theives have their leader awesome. Lucia is BEAUTIFUl! Absolutly stunning, she's going to break some hearts.