Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Round 5 - Roswell 1

House 3 - The Roswell's

Orion Roswell (family/knowledge) wants 6 grandkids, Stellar Roswell (popularity/romance) is permanently platinum, their son Mars (popularity/grilled cheese) wants 5 top level businesses, Orion's alien daughter Moonlight and Stellar's love child Midnight (with townie Justin Night).

Last time: Orion is alien abducted and gives birth to daughter Moonlight. Stellar cheats on her husband and gets pregnant with son Midnight. The family earns a wishing well and daughters Starr packs up and heads to college.

Mars arrived home from college single and longing to start a business (or five). I made the brilliant (but tiring) decision to use the time stoppage aspect of community lot living to get Mars his lifetime want. So, before anything else was done this summer, Mars bought five tiny empty community lots and with his mothers help set out to build his businesses.
Business One (whose name escapes me) was set up as an outdoor venue to sell off hand crafted items made by Mars and his fellow college students back in uni. With a little hard work, Mars and Stellar got the business to level 10.

Business Two (also nameless) was a similar open air venue set up to sell garden items to unsuspecting friends (and lovers - this is Midnight's biological dad btw). By the time this business also reached level 10, Mars had gold badges in sales, stocking and the cash register.

Business Three (named Windigo - don't ask me why) - was an open air music venue. Stellar spent most of her time playing instruments for tips. Mars spent most of his time earning best friends. Mars is VERY good at making friends. By the time he finished building his businesses, Mars had 87 best friends. His family had 104 total best friends. That is the most EVER for a individual sim or family. And I did it all without using a voodoo doll or anything else. He just talked and talked and talked and talked. Popularity sims. As a shy person, I truly don't understand them.

My biggest fear while building Mar's businesses was that several of the neighborhood players would be caught cheating. That wasn't the case. The worse thing that happened was that Ashley Burton was seen flirting with one of the Ashski brothers. I don't know what the big deal is since they are both single and free to see other people but EVERYONE got upset. Soon Ashley was attacked by her sister Shannon Burton Evans. Since the Burton sisters are forever attacking each other anyway, it really wasn't that big a deal. None of the other neighborhood players were in anyway caught or harmed by the making of these businesses. Go figure.
Business Four was an open aired fitness and spa. Lots of little simmies running on treadmills and riding exercise bikes. They also played basketball and soaked in the hot tub.
Business Five (The Mars Bar) was a bar with a game room and television. Stellar played cards while Mars ran the bar. Then Mars watched tv with the customers (and made more friends) while Stellar ran the bar. It worked out well since I can't figure out to run a business with real employees.
FINALLY, at long last, Mars reached his lifetime want when his bar became a level 10 business. And just to show how nuts I am, I did all this during one weekend. Whoosh! SO glad that was over.

YES it is OVER. No more businesses for you. Sorry but the darn businesses take to much time and have the potential to get to many sims into to much trouble. I just got REALLY darn lucky. Besides all the friends, Mars also earned five hobby plaques during his great adventure.
With THAT accomplished we returned to the main house where it was time for babies to become toddlers. First up was Midnight who is a cancer with 7 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 5 playful and 7 nice.

Then came Moonlight who is a aries with 10 neat, 9 outgoing, 7 active, 9 playful and 0 nice. Yes that's ZERO NICE. And for future reference please remember that these two kids are NOT biologically related.

Mars settles into a career and soon tops the education field. But as fulfilling as that was, something was still missing from his life. What could it be?

Perhaps a woman? You remember Hallie Ashski right? No. Well I can't blame you since I haven't updated in months and months. Well Hallie went to college as a wishing well love of one of the Monterey boys. But her lifetime want was hideous. Raising 20 puppies I think. So she rerolled in college and turned into a popularity/grilled cheese sim and her boyfriend officially dumped her for someone else. Well Hallie needed someone and Mars needed someone so.... BAM! New two bolt couple. Sometimes things just work out for the best. Now Hallie is an aquarius with 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 6 nice who wants to top the athletic field. The couple quickly became engaged but have not yet married.

Mar's grandmother Cornelia stops by to welcome Hallie to the family. Cornelia said hi to just about everyone in the family that night leaving a trail of pee puddles throughout the house. Oh the memories.

Did I mention that Mar's natural hobby is science? No? Well it is. He he he he.

Oh the sweet sound of lullabies in the dark. What can I say. Mars had a very full season.

Soon the season was winding down and it was time for the toddlers to become children.

First up is Moonlight who has the more classic alien look. I downloaded an new alien hack from somewhere. I think it is from the person who does the Broke Legacy. Anyway, it is basically the same pretty alien hack with four pollination technicians except that she replaced the black haired woman with the original pollination technician. Now I have a one in four chance of getting a classic alien baby and a three in four chance of getting a cuter alien baby. I'm loving this hack. Love it when I stumble over cool stuff.

Next up is Midnight who got a LOT of his papa's looks. Yeah buddy.

Mars, being the true overachiever that he is, left the education field. He then topped the artist field. He then topped the paranormal field. All in one season. It's mainly because of his college major and perfect grades in school. Needless to say the family ain't hurting for money anymore.

The season ends with another picture of Mars this time in his pretty pink pant suit. I thought that Mars and Hallie had gotten married by now but I didn't see any pics. Maybe they married at the first part of season six. Not sure. But they definitely tie the not. That I know. Well that's it from the Roswell estate. Tune in next time when we get our first look at the alien's alien baby.

The Roswell's Are:

  • Orion who wants 6 grandkids and so far has none
  • Stellar who is permanently platinum and permanently wanting to woohoo someone she isn't married to
  • Mars who has achieved more than most and is permanently happy despite his alien abduction
  • Hallie who can't find a job in the athletics field to save her life
  • Midnight who looks like the biological father he has never met
  • Moonlight who has the classical alien looks and I just can't wait for her to grow up and breed


Anonymous said...

Zero nice points, eh? Well, you can't expect to inherit any nice points from people who cruise around in saucers looking for unsuspecting victims to kidnap and have their way with. O_O

That said, this must be the most efficient family I have ever seen. I am officially impressed.

ciyrose said...

5 business is a lot. HOLY CRAP that is a LOT of friends. WOW. All in one weekend??? I'm still working on 5 business for one of my ladies....I HATE IT! "No more businesses for you" - SO FUNNY with that picture! "....leaving a trail of pee puddles..." - LOL...those darn ghosts. Oh no, Mars hobby is science?? Oh dear, more aliens! I was laughing so much at "Mars had a very full season". Love Mars in his "pretty pink pants suit"!